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No Hollywood Undead in the trailer?

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If not Nolan then Alex Proyas (The Crow, Dark City).

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It can't be Harley she is in Gotham City Sirens and the last time she was with Joker he tried to kill her but then setteled on trying to slash her mouth I don't think Red Hood is Joker either, Grant Morrison mentioned in a interview somewhere that Dick Grayson took over the mantle of Batman so that someone like Jason would so the Red Hood might be him.  If anything Joker will show up towards the end of Batman and Robin to save the best for last.

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I think I should have said that Sonny Sumo was in the original Forever people comic (written and drawn by Jack Kirby Issues 4-7)  and he was blasted with the Omega beam by Darkseid, in Final Crisis we see this new version of Sonny who has some knowledge there was a previous Sonny and that somehow he walked in on his life but the Sonny in Final Crisis seemed to have no memory of the previous Sonny's life or encounter with the New Gods. 
This whole conept of somebody being hit with the Omega Sanction then somebody like the person but not really walking in and taking their life makes me think that maybe somebody like Bruce will come back but not Bruce himself and will lead to a revamp of the Batbooks with a Baman who has no memory of the previous Batman life.

Also Grant Morrison has been writing Batman's story since 52 and he will be the one to bring back Bruce not Blackest Night  (there are obviously rumors he will return in that event) or Booster Gold.

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It may take attention away from what's going on in the other books and the mystery of where the story is going, I think that Bruce stayed there then was reborn in another life and another life each one worst than the next but Sonny Sumo said in Final Crisis that somehow when he was blasted with the Omega Sanction the original Sonny went to old Japan and he walked somehow in on his life and is in his place so did some body come back in Bruce's place like the two Sonnys?

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This was good Beast Wars was better.

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The two did team up but were not good friends with that logic the Metal Men or Jack Knight should be listed characters meet but multiple meetings mean friends.
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Somehow Batman's friends and family section keeps getting Wonder Woman and Damian removed and Daredevil stays. I made a previous forum to ask how this may have hppened  but I didn't get any answers  why this keeps happening. 

p.s. I named this topic after a line in a Tantric song because I didn't get any answers in the first one and the song reminds me of Batman's life and Batman R.I.P..

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Great, and it stars the true Lantern Hal and that's good news.

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I don't  read Marvel but this guy got screwed in the worst way. The government brings into custody a beloved superhero who is not very popular at the moment in public to trial and then the characters are all freaked out when something happens to the poor bastard?  I think it's sometimes necessary for a big superhero to go out but his death was dumb as hell.