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Amazing series one of DC's best books. It seems a more positive version of Batman Inc's ending. I hope DC doesn't just use these characters as cannon fodder in the next event. The ending really is an open door for more stories which makes sense considering Morrison wanted the series to be pilots for future books.

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Man I like Scott Snyder's Wytches and Greg Capullo is an amazing artist but this Batman run is so derivative.

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Greg Pak's Action comics is one of the best DC books at the moment. At worst it will be just a single read.

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That shirt and jeans look looked better than the armor suit Jim Lee costume. Nothing will replace he classic but add the cape and this look is great.

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Always great to read a Morrrison story that is in it's own universe. It's also cool to have a second reading on his books. And Burnham's art looked great.

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It seems like no one writing Damian Wayne in other media understand the character at all. This whole premise of Bruce and Damian not getting along did not need to be shown again.

The time when Dick Grayson was Batman and Damian was his Robin should be animated instead of forcing The Court of Owls. At least J.M. DeMatteis is writing.

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This season has been disappointing to me. The use of Ra's Al Ghul bothers me, because it feels like the writers cannot make a good villain and just use Ra's because his reputation as a Batman villain. They are overselling Felicity way too much this season. Ninja Thea is ridicoulous.

I would like for the show to get better it was a rough opening. Maybe it's time to get rid of some of the series regulars.

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Oprah casting would be incredibly stupid. Will Smith being Rick Flagg would make more sense because there is no way he would play a villain and not the lead.

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Grant Morrison said that one of the reasons he wrote Multiversity is that there is too much temptation to create alternate universe versions of a character just to kill them off. All I hope is DC does not do that but they probably will.

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Two stars for me. Laurel's not the best character but it's no surprise given the crummy storytelling she is subjected to. Her sister died and she feels the need to stalk and assault people. That should be an episode itself but instead it's not given enough room to breathe. Bad casting for Ted Grant also.

Thea is also pretty hard to watch it's harder to believe she wants training from the man who commited terrorism in her city killed many including her brother. Also hard to believe she is as trained as she is at the moment.

Arrow also seems to have a problem with cameos either they put too many in or they are so removed from the original character they might as well not even use the name. Two characters who were Manhunter in the show and were pretty useless.