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ture. there are rumors of a new deal with rbj. Chris evens is said to be planing a brake from acting after a3.

as for Thor idk as of yet

but ill research it asap

but on the death point i had read some place deaths have been tossed around iron man being one. So why not cap why not have bucky take over for a time.

Im a comic fan and I sit there watching the movie with my friends whom know nothing of the comic world, all the while I know who is under the mask. waiting for steve to see who his friend has become.

on the edge of my seat to see my friends reactions (dropped jaw and confused look). While I was screaming finally in my head they didn't believe bucky was alive.

That was my reaction when cap was killed and bucky took up the shield.

to be honest I actually like bucky cap better than Steve cap

I agree some people may find it upsetting but I think they will come around. We all go nuts at marvel and dc. when dc killed off Bruce and replaced him with dick. When cap was killed and Thor. When spider man was said to be a clone but we kept reading and so will we keep watching.

I would love to see Grayson as batman (maybe have Bruce in a coma not back in time) but would be awesome

and hell maybe Steve could just get hurt paralyzed, frozen again or retire idk but I think it would be really cool to see a nod like that to the comics.

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Does anyone know who was the first character to be killed off?

Also who was it for marvel and dc

and I think its captain marvel but who was the first to be killed off and stay dead

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i really did think he was going to die before this was over but it seems not, id rarther not see him as bad guy but more of someone who is doing what he feels is right in order to look after his own kind. if he does become bad id say he would prob be like magneto

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yeah but some characters are killed off as some writers have no use for them but when another writers comes along they might have a story in mind for them so they are brought back

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idk i think aroud a few years at least it kills me to see some go but i hate it when the come back months after they die.

at least 2 years at least

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@Dernman: yeah i dont get the x visor

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i like it really, i loved buckys suit and was hopeing steve would keep the same look or somthing new. though i may have t get used to the helmet i stil think it looks good,i just hpe not every new look is based on the ultimate/movie look then id hate it.

ill wil say id like to see wings on the helmet rarther than those

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ok so i don know how i feel about the new looks eg Nick Fury and cyclops

and why does hulk need that shit?

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@sagejonathan: he looks the same?