Top Marvel Series'

This is a list of the series from Marvel that I like the most. This list used to be in order of average highest rating, though now it will change to what I consider the best at the moment. Also from now on series I've not read in a long time or that are cancelled will be removed.

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Posted by broo1232

Nice idea might do this at some point but after I've read some trades. Agree with everything on here very accurate.

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Good lists, I'm reading some of those titles too.

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

@time: Thanks very much : )

Posted by Cyclops4President

I am reading all the X titles you are reading and only Uncanny Avengers. I do love the new Thor God of Thunder series, (maybe my favorite story and art right now) and Thanos Rising. With the recent addition of Nightwing and Worlds Finest, I am up to 21 books I believe. Its not a money thing, it is just time consuming to read them all, and I am reading all the previous DD stories from @daredevil21134 that he recommended as best from his list page and that all takes time as well, and I like to do reviews on them as well. I would like to at least read one Hawkeye to see what all the hype is about but just haven't brought myself to do it. I also want to read Captain America, but I don't really care for JRJ's art. He always makes everyone have a square head. I also would like to read FF as I have always liked that team and those characters. If you had to convince me, which of those would be the best to start with?

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@cyclops4president: Time is a thing as I was behind on a lot. I also like reading normal books as well which takes a good few days away. Out of the ones you're considering I'd recommend Hawkeye, but it's to a particular taste, and is mainly a bunch of one-shot stories (though you need other issues to fully understand some). F4 was fun but I dropped it, but from what you usually like you may like it. I'd also however recommend Deadpool, and Hulk which have been great so far (as was Avenging Spider-Man).

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I don't see FF on here. It is excellent. Consistent and lovely to look at.

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@renchamp: I've never read it so it's not on the list (didn't like the look of it, and had to drop F4 anyway so don't think I'll change my mind any time soon).

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@johnkmccubbin91 said:

@renchamp: I've never read it so it's not on the list (didn't like the look of it, and had to drop F4 anyway so don't think I'll change my mind any time soon).

Bummer. I was in the same boat until Inferiorego challenged the Vine to try a new book. I've been hooked since. But, to each his own.

And I totally agree with placing Deadpool so high.

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@renchamp: Yeah I've been meaning to try some new things, but need to cut my list first. Deadpool has been amazing, and although I'm sad that Moore left art it's still been good.

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ah, I was hoping you wouldn't say hawkeye. :-) I am not a fan of Hulk, and I am really enjoying Superior Spider-Man. We will see, I have added 2 more to my pull list, so I think I may have to drop 2 or 3 before I add one that I am not totally up front excited about.

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@cyclops4president: As I said I didn't think you'd be for it, but it's what I'd recommend to a complete stranger. Deadpool Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy have also been great (as has Nova).

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Great list! I followed you yesterday. Could I get a followback?

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Ok, I think out of that list I would be most likely to try Guardians of the Galaxy. It is completely out of the normal characters I follow, it is in outer space so I think Ill try a few books of GotG.

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@wolverine08: Thanks. I'm already following you.

@cyclops4president: It's a great series and although it's still to properly find it's feet it's been great.