My Top DC Live Action Films List

This is a list of my favourite DC Live Action Films included Imprint films from Wild Storm, Vertigo and others.

I will be updating my film lists by watching as many as I can and giving a summary of my thoughts. I will also be reviewing some.

List items

Posted by TheCannon

Good list, but how come Batman and Batman Returns are so low?

Posted by TheCannon

Dark Knight Rises is too low.

Posted by Superskrull86

#8 Will always be my favorite. Ah childhood memories...

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

@superskrull86: Batman was an amazing film, and I also have great memories of it.

Edited by Guru_Crack

@thecannon: he gave both a 4 out of 5 which is very generous IMO. Used to love those films until i re watched them recently. Also really can't get into a lsit that gives Superman or Superman 2 a high rating.