My Top 100 Comic Book Heroes

This is a list of my top 100 comic book heroes from any comic book series. This includes anti-heroes and villains that are now heroes. Heroes don't necessarily have to have superpowers too, they just need to show heroic deeds.

Subject to change in case I feel I made a mistake, or change my mind.

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Posted by TheAcidSkull

very cool list :D

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Posted by broo1232

Man your list just gets better and better first Swamp Thing now Constantine? Awesome

Posted by Phaedrusgr

Great list!

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:D Kate Bishop and Star Lord :) (great to see Martian Manhunter on here)

Posted by PowerHerc

That's a lot of heroes to rank. I'm impressed.

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

@powerherc: Yeah it took a while. It was back when they had quests and I felt that it was the easiest way to get 100. Still need to find time to write a little about them all.

Posted by PCN24454

Wow this is extensive.

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Brilliant list -- and I feel the same way about losing Nightcrawler. The connection between him and Wolverine was one of my favourite things about the X-Men (my favourite team).

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Posted by Cyclops4President

@johnkmccubbin91 to quote Guss from the tv show PSYCHE..."C'MON SON"! Cyclops not even in the top 50? Ranked 78?!!! C'MON SON!!! He is freakin behind Jubilee?! She is LAME! I'd like to recommend your list, but just can't....not yet ;-/

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@cyclops4president: Looking at the list I may put him up, and he will probably be around the same level as Jean Grey. The main reason he was so low was that during and before AvX I didn't like how he was handled, feeling that he whined too much, whereas I recently re-read Phoenix Saga and it reminded me of how he used to be, so will move him up. Also I really liked Jubilee, though that's partly due to the fact that I grew up watching the 90's Animated series and she was kind of a focus during that.

Edit: Just bumped him up to 62 which is much higher than he was prior (also he is above Jubilee she was higher than she should have been due to me being happy about her return).