Comics this week and order I rate them 3/7/13

Here is a list off the comics I got this week and what I rate them. I have also reviewed some of these issues in Reviews above or if easier. I will state which issues I haven't reviewed.

List items

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Great List

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I thought Pandora was good, from the reviews I've seen.

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Did you buy Avengers?

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@broo1232: Yeah the person that sells me their second hand ones minus the codes said he had four Avengers and the last Nova so I got the lot saving over £5 on the lot (if I had bought them new). It was a really good issue and one of the best so far. Have you got it yet?

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@johnkmccubbin91: No I haven't got it yet my comic shop is going through difficulties at the minutes with certain series, not there fault but I've got gaps in the series at the minute. Glad you liked it though.

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@broo1232: Sorry to here that. Hope you eventually get it though.

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