Comics this week and order I rate them 17/7/13

Here is a list off the comics I got this week and what I rate them. I have also reviewed some of these issues in Reviews above or if easier. I will state which issues I haven't reviewed.

List items

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the is pretty cool. Is this the first week you've done this?

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@battle_forum_junkie: Thanks very much. There are others for previous weeks already up if you want to check them out, or if you just want to see them from now on that's cool as well.

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Good to see you gave 4/5 for All New and God of Thunder, although I am a little unsure about the fourth installment of Thanos Rising. I just read it today and am still reeling a bit from it -- I hope to see your review. :)

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@lykopis: Thanks. I've been liking Thanos Rising so far and this was by far the best and most shocking issue yet. I have however not reviewed it, only reviewing JLA, All-New X-Men, and Iron Man off this list.