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Beware. I think I said the same thing when Blue Devil #1 came out several decades ago.

This book is going to be AWESOME.

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It's because there're so dang many X-books out there. One writer says "In this book thet're broken up" and another says "I want them to stay together" and so on. This has been happening for ages. I remember that when Namorita was acting like a total hardass in "New Warriors", she was also appearing in "Namor" with her old happy, fun-loving personality. Each book has it's own story reality, as it were.

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   My problem is that they aren't the "New" or even "Rebooted" JLA...they are the "Jim Lee" JLA. They ALL look like Jim Lee designed them, and that's a flaw not an advantage. I'm not dumping on Jim Lee (a man with a popular - if generic - style), I'm just pointing out that they look like they were designed by the same man with the same idea behind it, and while that works for things like the various Jack Kirby books (the Forever People all look like the same man created them), it doesn't work here. They're suposed to have become heroes seperately, and in different situations, but GL, WW and Supes all picked boots that peaked-up in front, and v-cut belts must have been on sale. The two major redesignes look....wrong. Cyborg looks clunky and graceless, and please don't tell me that Wonder Woman didn't pick that outfit off the rack at some...discout hooker supply barn. Wonder Woman looks like a forgettable character who'd appears in the background of the old "Warrior" comic...then vanish forever in a cloud of perfume and boob-jokes. Wonder Womans' old Costume/Armor was (like it or not) distinctive. utterly forgettable. This looks like something Donna Troy would have worn...once. 
   Just an opinion...
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  She should have been walking the whole time. The "Killing Joke" wasn't even suposed to be taken as actual continuity. But at the time DC was still recovering from it's first lunatic "Crisis" phase...and Batgirl was just another victim of the house cleaning. Me personally, I've never been a fan of the wheelchair-bound Barbara. She should have been Batgirl all along.
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   Joe Q doesn't want them together, so it doesn't matter what anyone wants. As long as he's in charge, there's no hope. And time becomes less and less likely. In a few years, the young Spider-Fans won't know he was ever married in the first place... 
   But...I'd LOVE to have the old continuity restored. I miss Mary Jane very much. Me? I've dropped all Spider titles untill she's back with his wife. If she never comes back, then I guess I and Spiderman have parted company for good. Besides, there's a world of comics out there, most of which aren't under Joe Q's thumb.
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   The simple fact is that the current crop of Avengers writers (Bendis being the worst offender) and Joe Q himself, have no respect for either continuity or history. Think about the huge mass of previously dead villans who just showed up alive with no explanation durring the last few years.  
  Then again...this has happened a lot durring the last two decades. Remember, guys like Bucky and the Green Goblin were shown as dead and in the afterlife...then show up having always been alive. Sloppy writers...sloppy writers...
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Yeah, Excalibur was a great read...till things got jumbled and the story lost focus. Still, I'd love to see a regular Excalibur title again...though not till Nightcrawlers' alive again. The team wouldn't be the same without him.
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@xerox-kitty said:
"She's still stuck in a phased form?  Since Fraction is recycling stories from 20-30 years ago, why not send her to Britain where she can restart another Excalibur :p "

   Don't kid about that. It's a better idea than you might think ;>)
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   At 13 she was recruted by the X-Men. She fought a demon, Magneto, a goddess, sewer mutants and aliens. She turned 14 in space, while impregnated with a Brood Egg. She survived, returned to Earth...refused to join the younger New Mutants as she'd EARNED her position on the X-Men. She was abducted by Emma Frost, fought the Morlocks (again) and was possessed by the spirit of an ancient Ninja. The X-Men were killed (as fer as she knew) and she moved to England woth Nightcrawler to found Excalibur. She turned 17 and 18 in England (She was old enough to drink legally) and returned to the States later to rejoin the X-Men, work with the Professor, help train more mutants and eventually have sex with Colossus. She saved the world from the Bullet, and rode it into space to be lost forever...entill rescued by Magneto. These days, it's not been confirmed that she'd 18 or 19, but I think she'd still 18. 
   And just a nutshell version of her history. If that seems like a lot...just imagine what Peter Parkers' been through ;>)
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   Sort of like how "Jean Grey" and "Hank Pym" have evolved out of their names.