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 I'm a bit skeptical about this. Before I pay anything, and since I've pretty tight on money being a college student and all, and seeing I couldn't care less about the extras being offered for paid subscriptions, I'll wait and see how this plays out. It's not that I wouldn't pay a subscription for CV and GB, but right now I don't see any advantage to it. Besides, you don't accept PayPal and I don't have a credit card. 
Time will tell.

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 These girls are exactly the opposite of what this song is all about. The original song is a million times better: 
  What about you? Which covers do you find absolutely butcher the original song?
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I came to this thread expecting horse jokes. You did not fail. I'm proud of you, Comic Vine.

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I absolutly love Grant Morrison, but I admit he's not a writer for everyone. He's extremely complex when he wants to and he likes taking his time developing his stories. Something that started more than two years ago it's beginning to yield fruit right now, so I understand that people who like a more traditional approach to storytelling dislike his style. See, for example, his run on Animal Man (#01-24) or the aforementioned Batman run. He can be a be more of a "traditional" writer sometimes (WE3, Joe the Barbarian) but he's always Grant Morrison
And I f***ing love him :P

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And Wheatus in general lately. They sell three of their CDs for whatever you want to donate in their official website ;)
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@Edamame said:
" @Lance Uppercut said:

" @Edamame: Not to rain on the happy go lucky parade.... but racism exists for all of the reasons you listed. Sure, it's nice that you've come to the realization, but most of the time, people are such massive douche bags that they can't stand to look at it this way. They'll judge in a heart beat for life style choices, cultural choices, religious choices, Etc. Sad, but true.  "

I know, but racism can't exist if there aren't any variations in race amongst the human race.  Many people discriminate against each other because of difference in culture, language, etc."
The concept of "race" for humans is not the same as for animals or plants. Actually, this is exactly what "race" means when applied to human beings: ethnicity, a mixture between genetic makeup (because even belonging to the same species we do have differences in a genetic level) and cultural identity (nationality, history, common language, etc). It's true that among anthropologists the term is old-fashioned and not fully correct nowadays, but generally speaking, "race" and "ethnicity" are, to a certain extent, synonyms when used to refer to human beings. So yes, racism can and does exist, even if the word has already fossilized in the language, with a meaning independent from the original word it comes from. Check the OED if you're still arguing over the semantics of the word...
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Batman, especially when written by Morrison, Gaiman, Daniel, Rucka and a handful others.

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Maybe you can add the two-part Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader by Neil Gaiman. It's not exactly essential to the story, but it's a great poetic approach to Batman's "death" and it's later, briefly, referenced in #702 (IIRC). Oh, and obviously, The Return of Bruce Wayne. Other than that, I think you're fine. You should try to read it first as it was originally published, not in an in-story chronological order. Then, when you are done, you go back and try to put it all together as it "should be". It's a much better read that way.

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@The Velvet Rabbit said:

" @Icarusflies said:

" I would have bought the Batwoman: Detective Comics run with Freddie Williams III just for the art. That was amazing. I bought it anyway, but it certainly didn't need the text. "

QFT. "
Couldn't agree more, though the penciller was J. H. Williams III :P