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@Jolt92 said:

Man, fuck you Millar.

He seems like the biggest douche ever, almost like that kid in school that lies to everybody so that he can get friends, but fails horribly.

My thoughts, exactly. I'm fucking tired of Mark Millar and his gigantic ego.
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Yes, Tommy Elliot is posing as Bruce Wayne after the events of Heart of Hush. Alfred, Dick, Damian and all the Batman-related heroes are not really "cooperating" with him. Rather, it's a relation of mutual benefit, a quid pro quo: Hush is allowed to be publicly seen as Bruce Wayne and (limitedly) benefit from the Wayne fortune, and the Bat-family is able to directly monitor Hush's movements and scheming. Besides, with the real Bruce temporarily gone, having Hush "play" him before the cameras eases any possible suspicion anyone may have. 
My two cents? In the end of House of Hush, Tommy Elliot is involved in an accident that scars his face enough to avoid any confusion with Bruce Wayne, but making him use his Hush bandages again. Full circle.

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Jokie is awesome. It's just one line, but immensely deep.

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@doordoor123 said:

I feel its more of a Rip Hunter book than a Booster Gold book

It is a Rip Hunter book, if you ask me. And that's awesome.
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@biggkeem89 said:
Yeah, I'm just EXTREMELY biased against Supes, and honestly, I can't really get into any Superman stories( excluding Superman: Red Son and Smallville). I just really think that someone else should be the Man of Steel. Sure Supes is flawed, but he's still Superman. I think Conner is way more identifiable, and better suited for future character development "
Well, in terms of power, they are more or less the same. Superboy is a bit less powerful than a "natural" Kryptonian in raw strength, endurance and speed, but he makes up for it with with tactile TK. The same goes for Mon-El: he doesn't have any weakness to Kryptonite, and with Brainiac's 5 potion he's now immune to lead. Mon spent a year as "Superman" recently, during the World of New Krypton arc, and while he didn't do it half-bad, I think Superman is a much better Superman, if you know what I mean.
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Jason Todd: Yes, I get it. He's been wonderfully portrayed in the still-ongoing Red Hood: Lost Days, but IMO, he's a character that works much better dead than alive, like Uncle Ben or Martha and Thomas Wayne. 
Superboy-Prime: Terribly annoying and overpowered. Luckily he hasn't been seen since Blackest Night, but I assume he'll come back rather sooner than later. 
Doc Savage: Now, don't get me wrong, I really like Doc Savage. But I feel this new revival in the form of First Wave has fell short of its potential. His solo series is... meh. If you're gonna bring a classic character like this one, do it well or don't do it at all.  

@biggkeem89 said:
1. Superman-Besides the fact that I just plain don't like the guy, I just feel his time of relevance has run out. It takes all the fun out of a story, if everyone knows Supes is just gonna fly in and save the day. Its time for the next generation(Conner or Mon-el) to take his place 2."
That goes for you, New Krypton. Uh, wait... Superman is no longer the perfect, almighty character of the Silver Age. He's a much more flawed hero nowadays, who has been shown to be increasingly dependant on others (Supergirl, Superboy, even Jimmy Olsen or Steel) to save the day. It's perfectly fine that you don't like him, but I see a lot of hatred towards Superman here in CV based on an outdated image of the character.
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I'm bilingual, Spanish and English. I rather speak English, I feel more confortable with it.

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@Rosencrantz&Guildenstern: I love your username :) Did you choose it because of Stoppard's play, or for Hamlet's characters?
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Soy yogurt with pinapple and passion fruit. I love being vegan.

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@ScipioAfricanus said:
" Maus by Art Spiegelman is outstanding and I think should be read by everyone "
Thank you. Add The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen to the list.
BTW, many of those that other people have mentioned are not graphic novels. Most are long story arcs collected in trades, especially the X-Men's ones, but whatever.