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XD Yeah that's one of my favorite fight scenes in the series.

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I take a speedo as my weapon.

In the prep time I take off all my clothes and aply the speedo.

When the fight starts, you're too amazed by my manly charms to attack. I talk to you and we become friends. That night we go to your house for a sleep over. While you sleep, I kill you, claiming victory.

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@lunacyde Nevermind, I got it to work, lets begin!

I'll start with character introductions. Since I'm terrible at explaining things, there will be a bunch of links to the wiki from which my characters came.

Ruby Rose:

( Link in the name )

Watch from beginning to end.

This should give you a good idea of what Ruby can do. As you can see, she has amazing physical abilities along with her adeptness with her sniper/scythe Crescent Rose ( Which, thanks to my Masters of the Bade, is coated in Carborundum ). In this video Ruby destroys an army of Beowolves without even breaking a sweat. Near the end, she is even able to kill a dozen or so of them before her shells can hit the ground.

Watch from 2:40 to 4:40

In this fight Ruby destroys some goons that were robbing a store. Nothing special. The only reason I posted this is because it shows that she's a bullet dodger ( 3:45 ), if that wasn't obvious from the first video.

Now you might have noticed that those guys weren't getting sliced in half by Rubys scythe. That's because everyone in this universe has something called an Aura ( except the Creatures of Grimm, like those Beowolves ). It's basically acts as a force field that protects the user of it. While it can be overpowered, it could definitely help in nullifying attacks that would normally be fatal.

Another thing about Ruby I'd like to go over is her Semblance. A semblance is basically a power that some characters in RWBY have shown. Rubys semblance is speed. Its shown in this video, and will be shown again later on in this post.

That's about it for Rubys solo feats, We'll get to her and the others team feats in a second.

Weiss Schnee:

From beginning to end.

As you can see, Weiss fights much differently than Ruby. She's more of a "Mage" than anything else. She shows heavy usage of her Semblance, which is the ability to use glyphs. These glyphs have a range of effects including speed and strength increasing, repulsion, and holding in place.

In her sword, she also has a verity of Dust cartridges. She uses these for various elemental effects, like fire and ice summoning.

And that's about it for Weiss fighting performances by herself.

Blake Belladonna:

Watch the full video.

Here we have Blake. A faunus with some great close combat skills. She's fast enough to block bullets and strong enough slice through metal. She wields the sword/gun/crazy chain blade thingy, Gambol Shroud with extreme expertise, being able to easily destroy a bunch of robots with it.

Her semblance is the ability to summon clones. These clones have only been shown to last for a couple seconds and are more like physical after-shadows used to add a little more power in her attacks.

Pyrrha Nikos:

From 1:00- 3:20 then 4:05-5:30

Lastly we have Pyrrha. Pyrrha is kind of the odd man out on my team, as she isn't on the same team in the show as Ruby and friends. And while shes isn't one of the main characters, she still has some amazing showings and is possibly one of the most powerful in the series so far.

In the video above Pyrrha absolutely stomps team CRDL. She takes on this entire team of skilled fighters, and beats them into a crisp. Keep in mind that two of these guys were bullet blocking, and yet Pyrrha completely fodderised them.

Then she fights Mercury, who is pretty impressive himself. Even though she has just finished a 4-1 battle with the other team, she still goes and beats this guy.

Now the most impressive part of Pyrrha in my opinion is her semblance. Hers is polarity, or magnetism. She uses this to throw off her opponents attacks or just attack them with all the metal around. She only uses it once above, because its a causal fight and she wants to challenge herself. But in the next video, we get to see the full extend of her powers.

Team Fights:

This section is for the feats they share with other characters. I'll start with the food fight scene.

Feats for all my characters are shown through out this amazing fight scene, but the two mains ones I wanted to point out are when Pyrrha controls the mass of soda cans and when Ruby moves so fast she creates a small tornado behind her.

Those show just how fast Ruby can be and just how strong Pyrrhas polarity is. Not to mention the others on my team being impressive.


This fight shows how good my team ( minus Pyrrha ) works together while taking on a giant mech. Weiss shows more use of her semblance and how she can boost others, Blake shows some good speed feats ( being able to dodge missiles ), and Ruby shows leadership and just general combat skills.


In this RWBY ( And Pyrrha an her team ) fights and kills a Nevermore and Deathstalker. Just showing more skills from the team and wrapping up my introductory post of my main characters.


Lastly I have the minions I bought from the perks. I have 11 extra people on my team, leaving yours severely out numbered.

I have 2 Xenomorphs, 5 Hand Ninjas, and 4 Talons. Please excuse me if I post any feats that are one time things or PIS. I'm honestly getting my information from whats been said around the fourms and on the wikis.

The Xenos are extremely resistant aliens with acid for blood. Each one is immune to small fires and strong enough to easily take down human solders.

The Hand are ninjas who commonly fight foes like Daredevil and Electra. They're all skilled warriors and have even been shown to even dodge bullets.

And the last of my minions are the Talons. These deadly assassins from the Court of Owls have been shown to give even Batman a run for his money. They'll defiantly be helpful in taking out your team

And with that, my first post is done! If you have any questions about my characters, just ask and I'll do my best to answer.

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I probably won't be able to have a post up until Monday night. The computer at my current location isn't working but I should have a new one to use by then.

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Mcdonalds has better fries, but Wendy's has better nuggets.

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Aren't the Fairies invincible on Tenrou Island?

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Would my team of Huntresses ( Link here )count as Solders? They fight against the creatures of Grimm as a profession and they're the ones that are call upon if they're kingdom were to get in a war.

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@sovereign91001: @kotetsu454:

It is kinda a stretch, but you could say she shoots dust?

Eh. It can be taken out.

Edit: Another random question popped into my mind, will the Hand Ninjas be getting the Carborium upgrade too?

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Another question, will the matches be straight up fights, or missions with objectives?