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Normal armor
Combat armor
Assassin Armor

NOT ACTIVE!!!!!!!!!

Name: Wade

Super Name: Shoc-King

Age: 24

Height: 6'8

Wieght: 190

Power Ranking: City

Side: Neutral

Job: Assassin.

Powers: Master Weapons, and H2H fighter

Personality: Very death stroke like, but more comidic

Gadgets/ Weapons:

2 of these
  • Eletric Gloves: Two gloves that can shoot eletricaty( he carrys these in all suits )
  • Eletric Hammer: ( Normal Armor)
  • "Zeus's Bolt":A hilt in the middle, with Pure lighting comming out the sides, it's his most powerful weapon( all suits)
  • Eletric Force Field: a magnetic field, can stop bullets, blocks most attacks (combat armor )
  • Eletric Boots: lets him float at high speed( all)
  • Eletric Blades ( combat armor )

Durabliaty: normal human


  • Normal Armor: This is what he wares normaly. This comes with his Hammer and Zeus's Bolt
  • Combat Armor: his armor he use when fighting, It makes him bullet proof, and he carrys two Eletrafied Blades along with other weapons. Its made from Nanotech witch give him a healinf factor.
  • Assassin Armor: This gives him the most speed and stealth, He carrys throwing daggers, Small knifes and Eletric gloves


  • Taking down a whole city
  • Letting prisoners free and planing to take over the state
  • Started a huge revolt on the city, even going on to make his on army
  • Only being took down when a Full army attack "his" city


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