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The long and winding road 1

Seriously, I really wonder what Snyder was thinking when he plotted out Zero Year. So far all we have seen is a long running battle with the Red Hood gang and a few plugs that Bruce Wayne has returned... okay cool. So what about the new issue?I gave this issue 1 star for the pure and simple reason that I paid 5$ to stare at around 10 pages of Bruce getting the crap kicked out of him. Not only was the explosion from last issue way too similar to the Night of the Owls arc's but then we get literal...

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The end is near! (some spoilers!) 0

Finally! Batman Inc. 12 has been released!After a few months of waiting it is right back into the action. This issue works mainly at tying up all the loose ends. We see a huge battle that spans pretty much 3/4 of the comic with Batman vs. The Heretic. The battle is well done and finally Chris Burnham draws the entire comic!Everything is pretty much coming to an end in this comic. As per usual Morrison lots of loose ends are being tied up. We see the return of Spyral and if you return and read In...

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Batman has been betrayed, but you won't be! 0

When Batman and Robin started I have to say I was sceptical. The first issues seemed a little confusing, but by issue 3 my confidence in the series had been fully restored, and now every month I anticipate the next issue. To my content, issue number 5 is the same! It carries on the story from the first issues, adding even more and giving just enough to keep you in turn wanting more.The Good:The story in this issue was near perfect. The pacing, the page layouts. Everyone was finely crafted and pe...

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Wheel of Deception 0

Let's face it, Detective Comics has been the weakest of the 4 bat books, and this week's issue is the biggest letdown yet.The story starts off strong, delving a bit more into the mysteries around the Joker... then all of a sudden, it ends before it could even begin. Huh?? What is going on? I literally freaked out a bit, and then realized that without warning there was a "backup" story in this week's issue of Detective comics.Let's face it... if I'm going to buy a Batman book, I expect a little m...

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