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477282 Shadow the Hedgehog Character Overview the ultimate life-form shadow and rated as one of the Mobius powerful beings but its power is matched to your abilities as a master of the power of chaos magic and the power source Mobius expert in combat weapons master leading him and his rival and ally until Serto point of sonic and his friends. 07/05/14 08:22AM 52 Denied
476955 New Series Series Overview Because it is a rough diamond that is calling a lot of attention and and a hit on YouTube and Crunchyroll powers that are in videos on the net. 07/04/14 03:10PM 50 Denied
476940 Shun Kazami Character Overview Shu before his closest friend Dan and guereiro but considered the strongest of all your abilities are equaled his skill in ninja arts created a dojo since childhood and her trill. 07/04/14 01:46PM 22 Approved
476934 Gajeel Redfox Character Overview after eating magic rogue Gajeel has now increased its power as the dragon Gloomy iron. 07/04/14 01:24PM 36 Denied
476933 Sarah Jane Character Overview She worked a long time with the doctor to find out and know the dangers of the universe. 07/04/14 01:15PM 14 Denied
475603 Shadow the Hedgehog Character Overview 07/02/14 08:09PM 32 Denied
20394 Sai Character Overview ok 04/13/13 11:58AM 11 Approved
20319 Shadow the Hedgehog Character Overview ok 04/13/13 10:59AM 0 Denied
15507 Hellboy Character Overview ok 04/10/13 05:39AM 9 Approved
14017 The Crow Character Overview ok 04/08/13 11:32AM 13 Approved