The Adventure Begins...

Well, my comic adventure technically began around 30 years ago, when my Dad took my brother and me to Perry's Park News in Ashtabula, Ohio. Dad, of course, looked for the latest Don Pendleton 'Executioner' novel, and my brother and I looked at the spin rack, where all the comic books were. My Dad wouldn't let me buy horror comics, so The Amazing Spider-Man looked to be a decent alternative. I never became a comic book freak as a kid. My oldest son, however, has been reading Spidey since he was seven. He is now twelve, and we have now begun attending Comic conventions together, and collecting comics pretty seriously. The focus is on Spidey currently, but we have quite a few different titles, and I believe over 200 books currently. My wife, being the lifelong Doctor Who fan that she is, now collects Doctor Who comics, and my other three children are also getting into comics. And so the adventure begins...

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Posted by Renchamp

I hope to get my kids involved like this. My three year old daughter spent a good fifteen minutes rifling through Skottie Young's "The Wizard of Oz." There is hope.

Posted by Jawshco

Jason, is your wifely reading the Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover with the Borg and Cybremen joining forces? It's pretty fun, bit only outstanding issue for me was the one with Doctor 4 meeting the "Kirk/TOS" crew. Doctor offering Spock a jellybaby= hilarious!

My daughter is 11 now and likes Supergirl and LOVES Doctor Who, but isn't that interested in comics. My son likes Spider-man cartoons, but the only comic I can only him to through the Avenging Spider-man because of the silly humor. He loved the issue where Spidey kisses the Thing while in a trance.