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@superstay: Yeah. So Far Gone is what got him signed to Young Money.

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@14nc3: We can't say for sure whether Mystique will be the lackey again. She could possibly go back to Erik's side in X-Men: AoA

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@mace11 said:

Marvel comics do a better job on average then DC when it comes to blacks,browns,asians etc..

These are facts we have to face,of course marvel does have it's problems too but less so then DC on average.

Probably because Stan Lee was influenced by the Civil Rights Movement.

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@judasnixon said:

Can I have a whole episode with just these four in it?

We're probably going to get a flashback episode of 13 years ago.

And the problem with LOK is that there's only about 10-12 episodes per season unlike ATLA which was 20-21.

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Good series. Disney will ruin it though.

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Do anyone else think Drake is slowly drafting away from Young Money?


Never should've signed to them in the first place. Was big before Weezy

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Piccolo was useful until Semi-Perfect Cell

Tien was thrown a bone every once in a while.

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@14nc3 said:


Sorry for replying so late, but in regards for your comment on saying whether or not X2 happened: It did not. Mystique is no longer on Erik's side. The only reason she was in X1-X3 is because magneto manipulated her into forgetting about Xavier because of all of the experiments on her brain tissue from Trask. After days of future past she was never captured and she left the movie as an independent freedom fighter without Magneto. Between 1970-2023 a lot could have happened sure, but she wouldn't play anything out like she did with Magneto in X1-3. One of the points of the movie was to change Raven as a whole, taking her back to be Magneto's weapon would not make any sense. And about your point where you said that X2 happens cause it focused Stryker - no. Since mystique not being in X1 means it didn't happen since she was crucial to it's plot, Magneto would have never ended up in prison in X2 and Stryker would have never got any information from him about Cerebro in the first place since that's how the whole of X2 started.

Magneto didn't manipulate her into forgetting about Xavier though. It wasn't even hinted she knew Xavier in X1-X3. Again X-Men: Apocalypse still is yet to happen so we don't know if she joins up with Magneot again. Let's not forget that Magneto is an X-Men in the comics currently even though he's been at war with them for decades.

Yes but Stryker still continues his mutant crusade.

Again I do believe the timeline was changed but to say thinks like these movies never happened, I can't agree with. Like with X3,. Jean & Scott are alive in 2023. Who knows if the Phoenix revived Scott & Jean in that time between The Last Stand & the future.

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@jedixman: They hinted at Magneto being the father of Quicksilver in DoFP

@omgomgwtfwtf: I think we're meant to assume the events of Origins all happened differently.

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They really aren't a team. It's mostly Goku, Gohan, Trunks, & Vegeta. Occasionally Piccolo & Tien.

They could've at least altered the Kaio-Ken or made it past x20 to give the humans something to do