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Hi! Here are my questions for James.

1. Can you confirm or deny if the Earth 2 Superman's really dead?

2. If not Steppenwolf then who is that mystery figure that Karen and Helena saw before they got boom tubed to Earth Prime?

3. Is Helena's mother dead?

4. Are there any plans for Stargirl and/or Maxine or it'll be Star Spangled Kid and Ma Hunkel?

5. Are Karen and Helena presumed dead on Earth 2 now or are they aware that they just vanished?

6. Not a question but just wanna say that Earth 2 is awesome. Thanks to you and Nicola Scott! Congratulations! :)

Looking forward to the next issue(s) of Earth 2 and Worlds' Finest too!

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I'm just glad PG is back for now. They can change her costume later. Maybe like so..

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Are "new readers" that dumb?! I don't think so.

The New 52 Wave 1 comics took place on DC Main Earth.

Some of the New 52 Wave 2 titles will take place on Earth 2.

Action Comics #9 will feature a story of Superman from another Earth.

Buy what you like!

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signed up just to say that im missing PG and heres hopin for her return SOON!