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1813 Doomsday Scenario Issue Overview 03/27/13 05:52PM 29 Approved
1811 Book Three Issue Overview Edited the credits to the best of my ability. 03/27/13 05:48PM 6 Approved
1808 Issue Overview Alisa Bendis, Brian's wife, is clearly credited with everyone else under "Business Affairs". I'll check to see if she is in the previous issues. 03/27/13 05:42PM 104 Approved
1801 Issue Overview I updated some of the existing credits to be more accurate. I have the GotG book in front of me & I've filled out everything to my best ability. I've credited only Stephen Wacker as Editor. The Assistant Editor/Associate Editor/& Editor & Chief are labeled Other. 03/27/13 05:35PM 36 Approved
293 Issue Overview I've sent G-Man a PM to make sure some of these credits are being attributed correctly. Like Mike Richardson is the Publisher so I'm not sure if that counts as Production or Other. 03/26/13 03:49PM 24 Approved