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Wolverine brings out Spider-Man's superiority complex. 0

The GoodIn this issue Superior Spider-Man runs into the X-Men while trying to save New York from a giant mutant spider. This story does a great job of testing Doc Ock's boundaries as Spider-Man. What truly shines in this issue are the character interaction between Spider-Ock and the X-Men. It is interesting seeing people who know Peter become confused at his unnatural behavior, equally amusing is Octavius fumbling to sound in character. This book starts to truly set the tone for Superior Spider-...

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The reintroduction of Andy Maguire, the short-lived sidekick. 0

The GoodDan Slott did a great job writing a classic origin story, he uses Alpha as a tool to help Peter reflect on the life he could have lived, and how easily things could have turned out different. Without the love from his family and Uncle Ben's positive influence Spider-Man could have grown into a very different hero. Alpha is a blatant, flippant reminder of all these things. Andy Maguire (a.k.a. Alpha) grew up with a lack of parental guidance, being bullied at school, and being ignored by g...

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