Introducing Bizarro G-Man....and his problems :(

Hello Comic Vine Community! I'm a longtime user, first-time user. What? I mean to say, I've used the Comicvine website for a couple of years now. Love the character bios, and the reviews, and the awesome art picks, and everything else on this site. But I recently decided to sign-up for an account so that I could take full advantage of everything this site has to offer. And look at me now! I'm blogging! Huzzah!

I was a Marvel Zombie growing up. I got hooked in with Fabian Nicieza's and Mark Bagley's New Warriors run. I later got into the X-Men pretty heavily but I've since broadened my horizons and am up for anything out there that's just a good read. I really like Y: The Last Man, Brian K. Vaughn is one of my favourite writers. I also really dig Jonathan Hickman.

So, who's Bizarro G-Man? Well, I was referring to myself. I just thought it was cool that G-Man used to be a teacher and is now getting to live the dream that all of us have of living and breathing all things nerd as a career, whereas I am the reverse. I am having trouble keeping up with comics, cartoons, and toys, because I'm currently in teacher's college learning to be a teacher. Which brings me to my problems...

When you have only a tiny amount of time to devote to these pursuits, how do you possibly choose? EVERY book on the stands looks fantastic to me and I really feel like I'm missing out. So, I'm hoping all of you can help me out. What are your favourite books and/or story arcs out there that I should be reading. Leave me ideas in the comments of what you think I should be reading!