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Favorite Iron Patriot moment from Iron Man 3 is when Joan Rivers is seen commenting on the armor and basically saying how the design is tacky haha.

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Wonder Woman vs. someone else I can't make out haha.

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I'm going with too close to call on this one. Nightcrawler could teleport his way to victory just as easily as Gambit could light up the whole place with explosion after explosion. I think what it comes down to is hand-to-hand combat and both are exceptional hand-to-hand combatants. Either one could gain the upper hand and take it but it's just too hard to tell who that could be. It's really anyone's game.

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Comic writer in the Philadelphia area looking for an artist to work on a five issue miniseries I am currently working on, possibly for the UCreate Comics Competition. The title of the series is Empyreans and below is the pitch. If interested please email ( with information as well as some sample work. Thanks and have a great weekend.


"Evolution can't guarantee salvation."

Deep within the Arizona Desert an organization known as Horizon Industries and it's subsidiary, Nexus Labs, have begun to perform the cruelest of experiments on super powered humans known as Empyreans. These empyreans were born with great power; great power that Horizon and Nexus would love to use for their own ends. Unfortunately not all of the test subjects want to cooperate.

A group of five young empyreans have begun to fight back and will do anything for their freedom and to reclaim what is left of their lives. Joseph Warren, a born leader with super strength and super healing abilities, along with Lilian Karlo, a strong willed telepath, will lead their three comrades, Peter Chambers, a smart-assed speedster, Renee Perez, a hotheaded powerhouse and Walter Pierce, a shockingly brilliant technopath, to freedom or, if all else fails, to death.

But this is a battle they won't have to face alone. The D.S.O. (Department of Superhuman Operations) have been keeping a watchful eye on Horizon and it's dubious CEO, Alexander Lord, for quite sometime and they're ready to make their move. D.S.O.'s very own Agent Jonathan Lane will take a squad of highly trained operatives to Horizon's doorstep to end Lord once and for all. Unbeknownst to Lane, Lord is an empyrean as well with vast telepathic abilities and he is always one step ahead. With his own immeasurable telepathic abilities as well as his own squad of highly trained empyreans he intends to break Lane in two and crush any hope our young empyreans have of freedom.

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I think fast-tracking any film, especially a superhero film, is a mistake. Let's not forget Joel Schumacher's Batman and Robin and what it did to the Batman film franchise.

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This is definitely the best trailer yet but I'm not going to lie I'm still a little worried about how the film is going to do. Some people have their doubts. Keeping my fingers crossed it does well.

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Nice! I got a shout out! That really was a great issue of JLA. I always love Catwoman's witty remarks.

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I loved Computer Graham, such a cool power but I did hate the fact that there wasn't much of a resolution. I felt a little bit left in the dark.

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I've been loving Justice League of America. I especially loved Catwoman's funny remarks here and there in this issue.

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I've been waiting for the return of Cheshire!

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