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Of Darkest Nights- Uncanny 442-443

Uncanny X-Men 425-426

Uncanny X-Men 430-431

Uncanny X-Men 380

New X-Men 98, 99, 132

X-Factor Breaking Points 241-245

Emperor Vulcan 1-5

War of Kings 1-6

X-Men Legacy 254-259

Dark Seduction 1-4

House of M: Civil War 1-5

Jeff Parker's Exiles 1-6

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Where is your sense of adventure? Wanda and Lorna haven't seen each other in over a decade and have a lot to talk about.

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Continuing with All-New X-Factor, David was spotlighted further. He said he loves that there are fans who have chosen every character in the book as their favorite. Issue #14 in October is "Girls Night Out" with Scarlet Witch guest-starring to join her sister Polaris. After that, X-Factor will be "involved with a big X-crossover that I don't know if I can talk about yet, so I won't!"

Its been a good ten years since the Scarlet Witch and Polaris have been together. What is the worst that can happen? LOL.

This is going to be fun.

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@jmc247 said:

I will say that Lorna and Magneto and Wanda and Magneto's relationships have been in flux of late, though before their most recent story lines things were more settled. Pietro and Magneto's relationship in contrast writers seemingly are much more on the same page about. Father disappointing in his son... son angry at his dad. That is what they know better then father-daughter relationships.

Male writers I suspect know sister-sister relationships the least, hence why Wanda and Lorna have never really talked in depth in the 616 on panel. Its not like they haven't had many of opportunities going back to the Genosha era. This pretty much defines the Wanda/Lorna relationship.

Noticed that too, totally with you on that.

Would be nice if Magnus will interact with his children more in his series and now in ANXF. There can be a nice opportunity actually.

PAD likes to do his own thing and while its possible Magneto might come over in time I tend to think the Magneto ongoing is the more likely place for those two family reunions as its not a team book, its a solo story centered around Magneto and his life.

As Wanda and Lorna I think that one on paper has a large amount of potential, but I think that one is going to wait for Marvel when they are going hog wild trying to find stories for Wanda (mid next year and onward) because of the film franchise to do the story. Its a potential storyline that might be staring them in the face, but writers as I said tend to prefer to write what they know.

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@lykopis said:

What I would do to be that cat Gambit is holding...

I know some people have been critical of the art on this book so far but I really like it. Havok's involvement here is interesting although I'm not too keen on anyone being able to sneak anything on Polaris while she sleeps.

Oh -- and I had no idea Peter David was recovering from a stroke. That's awful. I hope he makes a full recovery and wish the best for him and his family.

A nanobot made of entirely nonmetallic material might be able to fly its way into her eye, but it would have to get its signals out someway and unless its using magic which is possible in the Marvelverse it would have to be using EM signals, which would make it quite dangerous when it comes to Lorna detecting it.

As for Pietro it looks like he is set to try to spy/manipulate her on the orders of the "Uncanny Avengers".

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I can't tell who was less happy with it though in the first picture I posted up top Lorna or Gambit? lol.

@mn_logan said:

It was mad creepy.

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Among the Magneto family... most of them at least have some level of interaction over the years and some relationship building/development if uneven and contradictory. The area that needs it the most going forward is you have Marvel's two highest profile sisters on the Magnus family... and they have barely interacted over the years. Not that they both haven't thought about each other and talked about each other, but in terms of actual interaction there has been almost nothing there.

Its Wanda and Lorna that most need the face to face among the group.

the Magnus family- Magneto, wanda, quicksilver, polaris, luna, wiccan, & speed

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I didnt care for it. That may be partly because Ive always rooted for Rogue and Gambit. I always thought putting Magneto with Rogue was a way of further hurting his character in the eyes of some. Dont get me wrong Mags should have a love interest but just not robbing the cradle with a young Rogue

What is the right age for a Magneto love interest given that he is actually nearly 90 in the body of someone in his 30s given he was de-aged and re-aged to the prime of his life? Magneto could be Rogue's great grandfather in terms of age, but Wolverine could be her great great great grandfather and yet no one would have a problem about the age issue.

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Rogue and Magneto dated for not that long Marvel time and Rogue wasn't quite sure what to feel about him often or how to take take things. What was your view on the relationship?

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@cutter said:
@jmc247 said:


Was Polaris an Acolyte? Well, I will let you decide for yourselves, but I would say she was an Acolyte and at times the leader of the Acolytes when Magneto was badly injured.

She fought literately for weeks depowered along with Magneto and the rest of the Acolytes on Genosha against the human Magistrates a losing insurgent war with a gun as her weapon.

The whole discussion is pretty academic as she was shown a lot more devoted to the cause of building a separate mutant nation with Magneto then Wanda ever was during her Brotherhood years, but no one ever says she wasn't really a member of the Brotherhood because Magneto guilted her into it.

Lorna wanted to be on Genosha and wanted to improve the world for mutants.

And, what she ended up getting for her effort was to watch her people slaughtered in front of her and for her to be named queen of a dead nation.