Silver Surfer Animated Series (1998)

Marvel characters and other pages appearing in the Silver Surfer animated series.

Cameo appearances in the background include Nova, Jack of Hearts and Ronan the Accuser.

Non-Comic Characters

Several characters were developed for the show and have yet to make comic appearances.

Lord Glenn

Lord Glenn

Lord Glenn is the leader of a four-armed reptilian race that had their planet destroyed by Galactus. He and his people would eventually become members of the Wanderers and hold a trial to make the Silver Surfer pay for his crime as Galactus' herald. (pictured left)


Kili is a female troll and the girlfriend of Pip. The Silver Surfer left her the egg of a Skrull queen to raise.

Universal Scourge

Universal Scourge

The Universal Scourge was a weapon created by an alien races wiped out by Galactus' hunger. It was implanted into Galactus and nearly cost him his life. (pictured right)

Gamma Jen Beth

Female warrior and partner to Beta Ray Bill. (pictured left)


The caretaker of a Skrull planet used for breeding their population. Nietr wished to birth a new hive mother since the last had been killed by Prime Minister Kiar and Admiral Zedrao.

Prime Minister Kiar

Skrull prime minister who teamed up with Zedrao and killed the hive mother of the Skrulls to maintain their power over the empire.



Tor-Kay is an alien member of the Wanderers and was the Silver Surfer's defense in the trial his crimes while being herald to Galactus. (pictured right)

Darwick Murl (spelling?)

A male Zenn-Lavian who is known to Norrin.

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Posted by PowerHerc

Nice to see a list giving some recognition to the very underrated and, dare I say, forgotten Silver Surfer cartoon from the late '90s.  Good job.
Posted by jloneblackheart
@PowerHerc: Thanks! I thought the show was really good. Too bad they left it hanging...
Posted by PowerHerc
They sure did.
Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

This is nice!

Posted by ZaberCat

Excellent! love those! 

Posted by That60sGuy

What a fantastic series that was. It was only cancelled due to Marvel's financial troubles at the time. They had even written a few episodes for season 2. Shame.

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Glad both Eternity and Infinity both made an appearance in this show :) I do hope they appear more often in other media in the future (Same goes for Anti-Monitor from DC).