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Thanks for the info Zoom


Sorry.  A lot of writers in both companies like to needlessly kill off characters. 
I realize this for sure, recently finding out that that stupid Rulk character killed my fav, the Silver Surfer. I hope he at least gets his own book out of this heresy.
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I'll be honest. I always read Marvel and when I try to get into DC it just confuses the hell out of me. I don't dislike it, I just can't follow it. I really try too, but seriously......the crisis? can't understand it. What is there like ten lantern corps all the sudden? And how many damn Supermans are there? Not to mention at least three people have been any particular hero or villain. I do like a lot of the characters but I would say I like Marvel's more.

DC had better cartoons though that's for sure.

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That would be a little uncharacteristic of Goku to do. If your twisting this into Goku would blow up a planet and kill billions of innocent people to beat an opponent, which is unlikely. Saiyans thrurst for battle and he would want to fight one on one.

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I don't think Doom would need to know Goku's whole life history. He would just need to know what kind of energy he creates and figure out a way to steal it. Goku already has limited energy when going SS3 it would only take a short time to take all of that power. But unless Doom does that he would get beaten.

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Well I don't know about you guys but I thought Venom was terrible so chances are they would ruin Carnage too, plus I'm sure it will be PG13 at most making Carnage not so great. I agree with everyone with the Lizard and I think Scorpion would be a great pick too. Dr. Connors has already been introduced so there can be a simple origin, Scorpion wouldn't be too hard to pull off either with a short origin.

Black Cat would be cool but I don't want a movie full of origins.

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So IGN finally released their top ten of the top 100 villains. I usually do not agree with their lists and I usually don't go to the site but the guy I work with is video game crazy and is always on there.


So what do you all think of the top ten choices?

1. Magneto
2. Joker
3. Doctor Doom
4. Lex Luthor
5. Galactus
6. Darkseid
7. Ra's al Ghul
8. Loki
9. Dark Phoenix
10. Kingpin

I think the top ten is almost OK but if you take the time to look at all 100 you'll see lots of characters given either less or more respect than they deserve

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I appreciate everyone's help. Thanks a lot.

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TV- The Hills, Real Housewives, Real World, Sex and the City, My Boys, Food Network anything

I don't think she is too interested in any classic superhero type but you never know. I always try to get her to watch DCAU with me but it hasn't happened yet. She doesn't like science fiction but I have got her to watch Star Trek a few times with me but I don't think she was paying attention.

She reads books every so often but never finishes them. That's why I suggested comics to her, they take 10 minutes to read.

I'm trying to help her with her imagination. Anything I end up getting her I'm sure I will read so nothing will be a waste.

So far a lot of people have said Runaways which I might try, I'm sure I should read it anyway.

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xerox-kitty said:
"There's a comic for everyone, they just don't know it yet.

Think about what her tastes are, and think about the kind of comics that different publishers put out.  I know a girl who likes Umbrella Academy, while another likes Tarot.  Each to their own... You know her better than a bunch of anonymous strangers on the internet.  You need to think about what she likes and work around that.
I know her tastes I just don't know every comic out there. Based on her TV habits she like reality TV which means drama. Mostly she likes one character and hates the rest and that's what makes it interesting to her.