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@Reactor: Well, with the current state of Marvel cosmic ongoings, I'll consider him and hundreds of other characters I love dead. 
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I thought it was good. I love when Black Bolt cuts loose. Too bad he died. 
What does this have to do with the Sentry?

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Done to death. Please use the search function.

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I'm a smart American and I agree that Americans are mostly stupid. I can't believe how many people I've met that don't know our national anthem, the vice president or even the most basic history. I have tests all the time.  
My latest was to ask all the people I work with to name five Civil War generals. Highest score was 2.  
Also, to the people saying no Americans care about the questions in the OP - that isn't true. LOTS of Americans care about Jesus. They may not know anything about him, but they will come to your door and sell him anyway.  :)

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Accents are very important in the Dethklok comics... 
Also, people tell me I have a Southern accent. Does that make me as cool as Rogue? :)

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So, I spent a good hour writing a pretty decent Character Evolution for this page - the first major contribution in some time - and as I was adding pics, there was a glitch. As usual, I saved to continue. Somewhere in the process, IT DELETED THE ENTIRE PAGE! 
I am working with the staff to get the page rolled back to it's former glory. They say it is a complicated process, but hopefully they can do their best.  
In the mean time, I did have the page backed up and took some time to replace the info. Since I was also deleting info, I figured it would give me the standard 1 point for adding/deleting info. Wrong again. Very uncharacteristically, I was awarded 8,520 points! This is what I was hoping to avoid in the first place by requesting a staff roll back.  
Now, not that I care about points, but this very much upsets me since this page is my baby and now I have lost track of my actual efforts, I am so disappointed in myself over this whole thing. My heart hurts. :(
But, anyway. Hopefully the staff can get the page back to it's old self. I was unable to paste any of the old pictures, so the page is pretty bare bones for now, but most (if not all) of the information is still intact.  
Until I find out if the staff is able to help, anyone might want to refrain from editing the page since it may just get wiped out. I know Silver Surfer #2 came out today so I wanted to get something up here or prevent someone from putting a lot of work up only to have it deleted. 
Sorry guys.....

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I was just wondering about this the other day. 

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Turn your energy towards what you like. I don't like Spider-Man or Batman either, but I'd rather express myself positively.