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I like Red Hulk, She Hulk and Lyra. Can't say I care for Skaar, Red She-Hulk or, ahem, the original Hulk. 

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When done right, they are a much cooler comic experience that reading. They allow you to use your imagination. 

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If it's a title change, they should be split. 

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@sixdecibels said:
" How about everyone involve in the Thanos Initiative?  Guardians of the Galaxy, The Inhumans, The Starjammers, The Nova Corps? "
Guardians - disbanded according to Devastation. Warlock, Starlord, Drax and Phyla are all dead. I heard there was going to be a Rocket Raccon/Groot book or back up story?
Inhumans - Comic Limbo. Ruling the Kree and Shi'Ar empires. Black Bolt still dead.  
Starjammers - Comic Limbo - small part in Realm of Kings. I don't remember even seeing them in Thanos Imperative. 
Nova Corps - Nova and Worldmind death. Nova Force doesn't exist anymore. Remaining members chilling at Project PEGASUS? 
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The cards were really only worth something back when they were making them and the popularity was high. Nowadays, if you spend more than $20 or so on a whole set you're getting ripped off. 

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@feigr: I'll give you some good advice I wish I had had a long time ago. Just pick up something that looks interesting and read it. At least that way you can figure out what you might like to start investing all the time and money trying to collect every trade or back issue.  
I started reading Green Lantern about a year ago, knowing nothing. As I started reading, I began picking up on things from the past here and there. I'd come on here and read some bios for some info or start a new topic and someone would answer what I needed to know. As I go now, I pick up an old trade here and there to fill in more blanks. Some books just have too many issues to get all at once or to even try to collect, and to be honest, not all stories involving a character are necessary or good. 
If you want to get into comics, you'll need to revise your all or nothing approach, unless you want to read the newer or less popular characters that don't have that much history. Trying to do what you want to do with Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, Hulk, Thor, etc. will break your spirit and wallet. 
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@danhimself: I read somewhere that the Gauntlet itself was given to Thanos by Death, but I never saw that in any comic. Or I'm just forgetting about it. It had to have happened in the Thanos Quest. I'll have to check.   
The gems just need to be together, you don't need the Gauntlet, it just looks cool. But that shouldn't matter since they won't (or shouldn't) work together anymore. Which also means, and is always forgotten, that the reality gem should not be able to be used except by the greatest of minds and powers, and even then it is still extremely dangerous and unpredictable. 
Mind if I ask who is 'he?' Or is that still unknown as well?
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I hate to say it, but the most prominent would be red. Second would be green, so I'm not all bad. :)

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So, I've noticed that the Infinity Gauntlet has been brought back in the new Avengers book, but I am wondering what the point of that is. The gems can not be used in unison since after the Infinity War. Is the bearer simply using the gems separately but happens to have all of them? Someone please enlighten me on what's going on.  


LT & Eternity - Tired of this crap 
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I put them in order.  
I can't remember, but I'm pretty sure they set it up simply for you. There is a big description of what has happened to Thanos since Annihilation in the opening pages of Ignition. All you really need to know otherwise is that after the War of Kings, a Fault opening to an alternate universe that is trying to destroy the 616 reality. 

Following Guardians of the Galaxy and Realm of Kings will set things up really nicely though.