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marvel.com ??

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@Rheged: I always thought that when I edited the galleries I had to save for every page I worked on. You don't. You can click on page 2, etc., and continue to delete and add captions to the images on other pages, then save once you've gone through all the images.  
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A good thing it took me a long time to figure out - you can change pages while in edit mode for easier deleting of duplicate images. 
And by a long time, I mean I figured this out the other day. 

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It makes me sad the small amount of ongoings I read anymore....

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By the way, I'm not a hater. I totally love Goku and Dragonball Z. But seriously, he couldn't use it.  
Now if he were trained, I bet he could easily utilize almost any individual gem, Power and Space would make him insanely awesome. 

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@rapest_of_super_heros: The part about it no longer working in unison is there. Still waiting to see the point of them bringing it back together in the Avengers.  
Some of what I said about the reality gem is on the Infinity Gems page. It could stand to be more descriptive. 
As for the actually Gauntlet, I do think it is powerless. I've heard it was made by Death for Thanos, but I don't remember reading that anywhere. It has to be in the Thanos Quest, which I'll have to check.  
I'll do some work on it later. This isn't the first time I've gotten into a discussion like this. I'll make everything more concise. :)
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@rapest_of_super_heros: I've read it. In fact, I wrote some of it. The IG is useless as deemed by the second most powerful being in the Marvel universe at least 616's IG) (scan in thread link below)
So you say that each gem alone needs what I listed, Goku still has none of that.  
In itself, the reality gem is actually too dangerous to use by itself and requires the other gems to use it. Only a being well beyond Goku's mental capacities could even attempt to use the reality gem.  
I even made a thread to point out that in the current Avengers book, the IG is being gathered, yet even if it is, it shouldn't work.  
So, yeah. Lol at that.
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@rapest_of_super_heros: That's not how the Infinity Gauntlet works. You can't just put it on and be all powerful. You have to have the knowledge to understand how to use each and every gem, how they can work in unison and how to control the immense powers contained in each of them. Without this knowledge, you would destroy yourself or possibly the entire universe. 
Goku has none of this knowledge. A good example is how easily the Gauntlet was taken from Nebula, who did not have the knowledge to use the Gauntlet properly.  
If you want to get really technical, after the Infinity War the gems were made to never work in unison again by the Living Tribunal, so it doesn't matter if he did have the Gauntlet and all the gems. 
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I love the guy, but Goku is far too stupid to properly wield the Infinity Gauntlet

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@TheRegalBeast: among various battles in the battle forum, there is also this topic that's been going. Problem is, I think in most cases people are either fans of the Surfer or fans of Thor. It's one of those arguments that will never be conclusive. I still believe the Surfer would win.