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FF #3


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@darkteam: I do a subscription. I actually wrote to them and asked why I couldn't sign in and read comics on my mobile and they said because it isn't available. My subscription doesn't count for new comics (the ones they charge individually for). 

I'm not interested in buying my comics digitally monthly, but I will pay to access a massive collection of comics.

The zoom setting is like a bar at the bottom that you can slide and it appears to have lots of settings, yet it only goes all the way out or all the way in. It wouldn't really require any extra training to use. 

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I'm mad my shop didn't have the 10 Deadliest Sharks or the Civil War books. Or the Dark Crystal.

Anyway, out if the three I got, two were added with the incorrect volume name. Everyone please make sure you are checking the small print. The FCBD books almost always have strange titles That aren't on the cover.

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@The Dark Huntress: Over 1,000,000 items! It's actually quite huge. 

It was super packed and they had a bunch of characters in costume, like Spider-Man, Jedi, Storm Troopers, Thor, the Fantastic Four, a Tusken Raider and a real R2-D2! 

I spent four hours going through the boxes, and that was only the stuff outside and I skipped a bunch when my eyes and fingers started to hurt. I rocked out in my CV shirt though. 
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We had the sidewalk sale where they put out thousands of comics and you fill a short box for $25. I got tons of good stuff, including most of the Doom 2099 series.

Too bad I'm not a fan of X-Force, X-Factor, Excalibur, Ultraverse or every Image title ever, because they had all of them out.
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I don't like where this thread is going and the casting of Heimdall has already been discussed. 

The truth is, there are just a lot more white characters than black characters. To lessen the black characters will undoubtedly cause a stir, but so would changing very popular white characters into black characters. No one really cares about Nick Fury or Heimdall, but Spider-Man??

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Eternity & Thanos - Infinity War #6

The thing is, the gems are dangerous, and I think the greatest minds on Earth understand that. The reality gem should not be used without the use of the other gems because it can destroy all of existence. The Soul Gem is often said to be even more dangerous, taking the soul of anyone touching it. It is also much more sentient than the others, has it's own devious purposes and should not be handled. It's the only gem I've seen leave a bearer, speak, and operate on it's own against it's bearers will.

That being said, with the proper knowledge, there is no reason that they couldn't use the Power, Mind, Space, or Time gem. I think they are worried about them falling into the wrong hands and I also think the writers forget about the above pic and have the characters not use them for fear of them being gathered together again (even though continuity wise, they shouldn't work in unison). 
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@Amazingoctus: I wish you would have started this topic a little sooner, I could have grabbed some issues today at my LCS since they were having a sidewalk sale. I saw a quite a few issues...

I don't think he feeds and gains anyones abilities. He just grows in power, making him stronger so he can feed on stronger beings. 

I also forgot he has some hypnotic powers as well, putting people in traces to either succumb to his feeding or to give him information. 

As for the Star Stones, I can't tell you much. They are multi-colored and hang from his neck. He claimed that "this is no Earth my Star Stones recognize" when he was transported to the Marvel Earth and they seemed to glow when he sensed the Mind Gems power. 

Anyway, I did find Rune / Silver Surfer at the sale. I picked it up because I'm a big Surfer fan. This is where I got all the info I gave you. The Surfer gave him the beat down, even though he had all of the Infinity Gems. 

Maybe tomorrow I'll update his page a bit and make a task for what we don't know. 
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@ebuchanan: I don't recall that. You've been around a little longer than I have. 
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What else everyone forgets (including the writers) is that the gems won't work in unison anymore.