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Most draw him in between. He has ear holes and some curvature, but not really ear lobes that stick out. He looks pretty funny with regular ears.  
Zenn-Lavians do have ears like humans though. 

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Sometimes it takes a bit for the search function to pick them up.

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Excalibur #25 pg 6

She voluntarily let Galactus try to remove the Phoenix, basically because she figured she could not beat him or that she could not beat him AND save her friends and Earth in the process. Galactus admitted the Phoenix was a threat to him, which is why he planned to separate it from it's host. Eventually, Roma, Uatu and Death (in the guise of a mustached man) persuaded Galactus that he must not proceed. It's in the scans, but they didn't come out as big as I planned. 
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He has a certain amount of control over his flames. Add that to his high speed and they could be in the sky briefly.

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@LordOfAllHumans What issue did Galactus try to remove the Phoenix? I've been trying to remember for forever.
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@bag_o_x_men I was responding to you saying it is ineffective in a real world situation. Yes, it's not a guarantee, but are there any real guarantees in a fight?

An elbow hurts, regardless of a cut. I'm also flowing to the next attack, it's not like I'm waiting or taking turns.

I agree with competitive fighting. Nothing is worse than doc stoppage, and that has to be a hollow victory.
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@bag_o_x_men An elbow is an excellent option, one of my top four choices. How is getting someone bleeding not a good thing for strategy? That sounds like typical headhunter mentality. You don't need to knock people out to win fights.
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I mean, obviously it is a prison for super criminals. The Wizard was just broken out by AIM in FF #1.
Has anyone heard of it before? What does it stand for? Has the prison been in other comics? Anyone got any info at all?  

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I almost never watch the video reviews. I can read a review so much faster.

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Sounds like you know more about martial arts than the writers and artists. 
I am an assistant instructor in Close Quarter Defense Tactics, a real world street fighting system. Here's what I can tell you about what you mentioned: 
You are dead on about the knuckles. When punching a target, check to see if your ring and pinky knuckles are becoming red or swollen. If they are - you are punching wrong. It takes some time to focus your punch correctly. Regardless, using a closed fist always increases the chance of broken knuckles, right ones or wrong ones.  
Most "flying" moves are often impractical, as they take too much time, can be anticipated and sometimes the surroundings do not accommodate the space required to pull them off. To actually pull off a move like this, you had better be Batman or fighting someone who doesn't have a clue what they are doing. Now jumping from a moving vehicle? That's far beyond anything I've trained to do. :) 
A "double whammy" type of attack can be effective depending on it's purpose. Using fists, you definitely lack the knock out power shown in comics, but it can provide the split second distraction you need when facing multiple attackers. Doing a split kick would fall in to the "flying" category, only with the power of the attack at least divided, if not quartered. 
I can tell you the headbutt is a devastating attack. Problem is, no one does it right. You NEVER want to use your forehead to headbutt someone. The top of your head is one of the hardest parts of the body. You also do not use your neck to headbutt someone, you drive your body. It's more in the knees than in the neck. Using your neck or your forehead is a good way to turn your headbutt in to your opponents headbutt on you.  
I'm sure I'll get some crap from some traditionalists, which is why I often don't discuss martial arts (in real life and especially over the internet - where everyone is an ass kicking expert).  
I use the sense of disbelief. I'm reading about super heroes/heroines. When you devote your body and mind to something, more things become possible. I like to think they can do the things normal humans could not. I do kind of get irked when I see things like the Black Panther holding the Silver Surfer in an armlock though, especially since that was not any actual technique that would even work on a drunk, let alone one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe.