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It has been claimed that his strength has no limits through the Power Cosmic, yet due to his power set, the Surfer has rarely had to use pure strength to achieve his goals. An example that comes to mind is when he and some others were trapped inside of a mountain by tons upon tons of rocks. Instead of using strength to live the boulders out of the way, he simply turned them into vapor. 

He has fought the Hulk a few times, stopping him once and giving him a pimp slap (old comics) and fought him supposedly without the PC in Planet Hulk, giving Hulk a run for his money. But really, these aren't feats of strength, it's just fighting someone strong. He has faced many powerhouses over the years, but whether he was the victor or defeated, it was shown that it was not due to his strength but his other abilities. In fact, writers usually like to show off his opponents strength instead, seeing as how that is usually all they have on the Surfer and no one likes a one sided fight. 

Examples that come to mind include when he was in Dynamo City. He had no Power Cosmic and was shown helping lift giant construction beams. Now, it's hard to say what the weight of these beams were and of course they could be made of ultra light/strong alien material, but they were I-Beams about 20 ft long and steel weighs 490 lbs per cubic foot. Another time without the PC, he punched through a Doombot and destroyed it's face. That has to take some strength. Without the PC, I might put him at top Spider-Man level strength or a bit higher, but of course this varies depending on the writer. 

So, the Silver Surfer is fairly strong without the Power Cosmic and if the claims in the comics are correct, he is infinitely strong, although we will probably never see that happen. It's like when people ask how strong is Galactus. Who knows? He doesn't need to lift anything. 

As a Surfer fan, I'd rather see him win battles in other ways. There are enough bricks out there. 

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Fading everyones posts does not have me excited to pick up Th Mighty Thor. I'm only reading for Galactus and the Silver Surfer. Looks like they will be stepping stones in someone elses book again.

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Guardians of the Galaxy

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@Kairan1979: His story probably would have been one of the most interesting because of his beliefs and the conflicts with both the heroes and enemies of the story.
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@The Dark Huntress:  People still use Internet Explorer? How well does Comic Vine work with Netscape? :-P
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Another point to make is that if you delete information from a page and add information, it may negate the points you would have received for your addition. Don't be surprised if you add a paragraph and remove a paragraph and only receive one point.

Also, before you know it, you'll forget you even get points. :)
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@aztek the lost: Beavis voice : Are you threatening me? 

I'm willing to challenge anyone to show me the later issues after the number change having Vol. 1, 2, 3 etc in the indicia to indicate they belong in later volumes. Example: is the newest issue of Captain America labeled as CAPTAIN AMERICA VOL. 5 #616?

@digifiend: Name changes should be separate volumes, despite numbering. It all depends on the indicia.

Are we all at least in agreement we are to catalog everything by indicia? I do feel like all the renumbered issues should have been new volumes, since there is nothing to show that they should have been added to either the original volume or subsequent volumes. 

I also think it's stupid how they do this in the first place. As if anyone really cares what number the issue is or that's going to make the story better.
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@pastfarpoint: Yes, you can change titles at any time. I'm just saying that if an issue title is blank and you add something, it must forever have a title. For example, the issue you titled 'Invincible.' If you tried to remove the title since it had none, the function would not allow you to save, the reason being a title for the issue is required. Just adding some advanced knowledge to the situation, although it had minimal relevance to your inquiry. :)
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@FadeToBlackBolt: No worries. I wasn't upset at all. No apologies necessary.

Unlike most who just love to get in an argument over the internet, I understood your point, realized I made a general statement that was subjective and possibly untrue, recanted said statement, reiterated point and tried to expand on our conversation to promote dialogue. :)

Also, most people don't ever respond to most of my comments so a year later is better than never.