The Future Foundation - The Name Game

Let me begin by saying I love the Future Foundation and the direction it is going. Very interesting stuff. This is mostly a pet peeve rant. So.....

Hey Hickman! Artists! Editors! Don't create a bunch of characters and then lose track of and confuse their names!

It is very frustrating that somehow I know the names of these characters and the creators don't. First it was Bentley. He was stated as being the thirty second clone of the Wizard. Somehow that got flip-flopped and now he is Bentley 23. Slightly annoying, enough that I had to write a note on his wiki page regarding his name. His name was first changed in a big spread naming all the members of the FF (which I cannot remember what issue it was in for the life of me) and later in dialog with the Wizard in an issue.

Today, FF #5 came out and I find this on the first page:

The Moloids are totally messed up. The one that's a head in a jar? That's Turg. Tong is always with Korr, which is missing an 'r" here.

The two Uhari Atlanteans have only been named once on the spread page I mentioned earlier. The female was Vii. Here, she is Vil.

To me, this is similar to continuity. How is it that us fans can seem to remember these details and the creators cannot?

Posted by fesak

I don't think the writer does the recap page, that would be the editor whose job is to keep track of that sort of thing.

Posted by jloneblackheart
@fesak Probably true, but others had to let the Bentley thing slip by.
Posted by FadeToBlackBolt

We fans are awesome, Marvel's editors are idiots.

Posted by MrUnknown

If they were going to bother making these boxes in the first place, they should get the names right.

Posted by InnerVenom123

I remember the first time I spotted a huge blooper in a comic. It was a Thor book shortly before Fraction's run.  
"INSERT SCAN OF ASGARD HERE" was on a map in pencil that Balder was looking at. I lol'd. 

Edited by War Killer

In the last few issues of Captain America I've noticed that at least once the word bubbles are linked to the wrong person, like Bucky might be talking but it'll be as if Steve was saying it. I thought it might have been a little mess up, but the fact that I've noticed it in the book multiple times ranging over different issues makes me feel as if whoever is doing the lettering doesn't care enough to double check their work.... -__-

Posted by B'Town

Was this an ongoing mistake/change that was scattered throughout the book or this one page? Wow, editors/writers shouldn't mess up this bad.

Posted by jloneblackheart

@B'Town: It was just this page, this time. I understand that mistakes happen. I also understand that these are VERY minor characters as of now and I am one of few who probably paid any attention to them and their names.

I think my major driving force for posting this blog isn't to point out editors mistakes, but as a reference to users of the site and readers of the FF regarding the actual names of these characters, or a source in case the names change from here on out to the incorrect spellings/designations.

Also, if I weren't a wiki editor, this probably wouldn't bother me in the least, but these types of things complicate making wiki pages accurate!

Posted by B'Town

@jloneblackheart: I can see how errors such as this could mess up the Wiki and it is an eye opener especially for some of us who are new to editing the CV wiki to check and make sure we correct information before editing.

I think in our comics books the editors usually do a pretty good job, I can't personally recall any errors, though they may have been there.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

Maybe it`s because it`s so difficult to write a story with so many sideplots and all. There`s also the fact that the creators are thinking: Oh my gosh! We`re making a story of a superteam that has existed for deceats, that millions read and also trying to make it awesome! We`re so nervous that we`ll make a bunch of little irritating mistakes! 
If those aren`t the reasons (or at least two of them), then I don`t know. 

Posted by InfinityOmelette

@InnerVenom123 said:

I remember the first time I spotted a huge blooper in a comic. It was a Thor book shortly before Fraction's run. "INSERT SCAN OF ASGARD HERE" was on a map in pencil that Balder was looking at. I lol'd.

I did a little background searching and finally found it! :) Thor #614 Page 19.