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So I am a little confused over the Heroes Reborn story. From what I understand, after the heroes died facing Onslaught, Franklin Richards created a pocket universe in which the heroes were reborn and lived slightly different lives with different origins. I've also been told Franklin created a Counter Earth, which is where they resided. I have some questions regarding continuity and the aftermath of this event. Unfortunately, I did not read Heroes Reborn: The Return, where it may have all been explained.
i ask these questions in a understanding and editing stand point:
1. Was it a pocket universe, a Counter Earth, or combination of both that Franklin sent them to?
2. The heroes who 'died' in the battle with Onslaught had new origins. Upon their return to the 616 universe, did they forget all of these events? Were they reminded by someone of their true pasts? Do they live both of these lives currently? Were the Heroes Reborn origins retconned? The only example I have is when Thing came back in Silver Surfer Volume 3 and told Alicia that he was a different person now and 'needed some time to figure out who he was.' It also mentions on Iron Man's page that he retained his memories.
3. In all four series created to show how these characters lived their new lives, there was a normal supporting cast of characters who did not die in the battle with Onslaught. For example, Nick Fury, the Inhumans (except Crystal), Silver Surfer and Galactus. Were these all created by Franklin as well to give the illusion of a new world? Nick Fury and Silver Surfer (among others) were alive and well during these events in the 616 universe (Galactus was actually 'dead' at the time).  Should info on these types of characters be placed in the alternate reality sections of their pages?
4. Most importantly, where does this information fit into the wiki?
I appreciate and answers, comments or input. Most examples I find on the internet are unclear as to how this fits into 616 continuity. Even some people who know much more than I have told me they are not sure either. Maybe we can't decide if it is canon or not, but let's at least figure out how we can incorporate the info to the site. 
Thank you for taking the time to read this, I know it's a little long.

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Nobody? I seem to have horrible luck getting answers when I post. Am I posting in the wrong place or at the wrong time? Surely someone has read this....

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I would love to help but sadly I never read Heroes Reborn, maybe fesak would know...this seems like his thing...Marvel and the other universes...you could always PM him

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yu answered your own question read Heroes Reborn The Return. actually most of your questions dont technically apply even.
sometimes you have to do the research yourself, and especially in this case because the whole thing gets tricky...
reading order
-Heroes Reborn 
(World War 3, the 13th issues which crossover with Wildstorm are not needed, though some of the best reads)
-Heroes Reborn The Return 
- Heroes Reborn: Doom
- Onslaught Reborn
..continues in Nomad Girl Without A World currently
a. Franklin saves the heroes, and Dr.Doom from being canceled out of reality, by creating a pocket dimension within a terrasect space also created by him. within the new dimension the heroes live "redone" lives in some cases new characters spawned 
in order to fill the void, for example Rikki Barnes, aka, Bucky. Cable also visited the Heroes Reborn verse at one point. 
eventually the new universe was destroyed from within, but then reborn again, only to be destroyed again when it merged with the Wildstorm universe (WW3), and reborn again after that. (so theres actually been three different timelines within the HR Universe
respectively, sort of like the current redux 2099, which is also in fact the 3rd for it as well). finally came time for the return.
the heroes of course did, because the Celestials had decided they wouldnt allow both the HR universe and 616 to both exist.
in they end they changed their minds, and kept the HR universe. as a result, the heroes essences returned to 616 and new their
old physical bodies returned, but only the ones who were missing could go (as well as She-Hulk, which was actually a No
Prize because Jen never actually left 616), and at the same time mirrors were created of the HR counterparts that stayed in their
world. notable as well, Dr.Doom stayed behind in the HR world, as well, Onslaught had been seen in an issue of Iron Man by the Hulk.
most of the characters now in 616 had very little memory of the HR world, they only knew they had gone through it, but now had there
old lives back, sort of in the way Bishop remembered living out the Age Of Apocalypse in his dreams. 
meanwhile, in the HR universe, Dr.Doom took over the world, and using magic and science, moved the HR Earth to 616,
exactly opposite of 616 Earth on the other side of the sun. neither were aware of the other. Doom was then over thrown, and finally returned to 616. both Earths were left undetectable (and yes science persons, thats impossible, its a comic)
the Exiles then visit the HR world in Exiles World Tour. the event of it being 616 appears disregarded.

the next part gets messy. its uncertain whether Liefeld just disregarded everything since his time of leaving HR or not.
what ends up happening is Onslaught brings Franklin Richards to the HR world (mess is because its now in 616 on the other
side of the sun, its not clear whether Franklin just went to the planet while everyone was still under the belief that it was another
universe still or what, but that would be an odd mistake for either himself or Onslaught to make. so it seems someone just didnt keep up on current events). so Onslaught is defeated in the HR universe via BFR. Franklin returns home. as well, Rikki Barnes
aka Bucky from the HR world appears in 616 Earth shortly after the death of Steve Rogers. Onslaughts bfr site ends up being directly
outside the prime negative zone prison. Rikki's adventure continues in Captain America #600, then in Nomad Girl Without A World.
the status of the HR world are unknown. but it appears Marvel has retconned the HR world so that it is once again
in a pocket dimension, and the events of Doom erased. Franklin still has the blue ball, and appears to be able to enter the HR world at will.

1. sort of both and something else, also it changed alot.
2. actually they had "alternate" origins and lives.. 
2a. yes and no (see above) 
2b. no, because the former is not yes 
2c. no, theyre now separate characters.  Reed for example in the HR world has no idea who Franklin is as he never
had a son in his own life.
2d. no. the HR characters still have those origins. the 616 however do not, as there origins were returned to them.
2. i think you were reading to far into the Thing words and seeing something that wasnt actually there, nor implied
(or whoever the idea actually came from did)
3. explained above. i dont know whether they should have differant entries. really, all of the HR characters are now separate characters from their 616 counterparts, just as much as Ultimates characters are. so they shouldnt be considered the same
thing. also i noted Clint Bartons page is wrong. the HReborn Hawkeye is revealed later to be Wolverine (James Howlet)  HR.
4. i dont understand this last question.
hope i could be some help. its a mess in a few ways, and several writers made mistakes to top it off.

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I think I followed you. Let me know if I am wrong, but technically the characters of Heroes Reborn are alternate reality versions even though they ended up in the 616 reality? That is pretty much what the fourth question is, where does info on Heroes Reborn fit into character profiles on this website. Seems to me, alternate reality is the best place. 
You answered questions I didn't even ask and I appreciate you taking the time to help me.

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To sum it up; it's a mess. 
 I checked what it says in the handbooks and it says that the Heroes reborn earth is a pocket universe within earth-616 created by Franklin Richards.
The characters that sacrificed themselves to defeat Onslaught are reborn in this world, ie they are the 616 versions of the characters, only with different backstories and memories which are not really real, similar to what happened in House of M.
Later on the pocket universe is destroyed, but the earth is moved to the opposite side of our sun, where it still resides.

To add to the above post some of the Thunderbolts of our earth also went to the Heroes Reborn earth, and our Jolt is still there.
And i'm speculating here, but i think all characters on that earth who not sacrificed themselves during the Onslaught battle (with the exception of Jolt who arrived there from our earth) are constucted by Franklin Richards, similarly to Wiccan and Speed, Scarlet Witch's sons.

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I must of missed a group that helps figure things out. Cool thanks. I didn't realize DOOM transported the world. I just knew it got transported somehow.

Technically then Doom did save the world because it was dying due to the hulk then.