Great Ten canceled?

So thanks to the ComicVine podcast I learned that the Great Ten was going to be canceled. I realize this is what happens when books aren't selling as well as the publisher would hope. My problem is that it was only 10 issues in the first place. They are canceling it one issue early.
What exactly is the point of this? All you are doing is hurting the fans of the series (it is excellent by the way) and depriving us of a proper completion. If you look at March's sales, Great Ten wasn't even the worse selling DC title, but it's the one getting canceled. 
I find this quite disgraceful on DC's part. Take your lumps and give the fans their last issue.

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Posted by MichaeltheFly

I understand how you feel, I felt the same way when Exiles volume 2 was canceled after 5 or 6 issues, it is stupid. It's also very sad, for a last issue it is canceled, but on DC's side they are thinking like business men, making comics costs money. But who knows maybe sometime in the future...

Posted by Asymmetrical

Wait what? They're canceling at a #9? Wtf? I don't read the series but that's absolutely ridiculous, it's called "Great Ten"...does this mean they'll cancel the new DV8 series with issue 7?

Posted by Caligula

damn youze DC!

Posted by Portrait

This is such a bad idea...How much money were they actually going to lose? And isn't it worth the sacrifice for a good story? I don't even read this series and I think Dideo made the wrong move...again.

Posted by jloneblackheart
Posted by Rob.H

I'm not reading this title but this is very poor conduct on DCs part.  Give the readers their last issue! As Portrait has said, "How much money were they actually going to lose?".  Is one issue really going to put a hole in their pocket? I don't think so. 

Posted by jloneblackheart
@Rob.H: You get an @ reply because you're awesome
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Haha thanks, but seriously, they'd lose next to nothing if they were to finish off all ten issues.  And if they don't put it out, they risk losing the readers that were buying this book in the first place. 
I read DC titles amongst others and cancellations like this rub me up the wrong way all the time.  Just knowing that they'd do this to the fans who have stuck with this book for seven whole issues pisses me off. 

Posted by yescas

What!? They are just loosing fans for limited series there. Bad move from DC, hope they decide to finish it and say t all was a mistake or a delay of some kind.

Posted by Nighthunter

You know? If it wasn't because the team was called great TEN I probably wouldn't mind

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How the Hell did they canceled Great Ten?
Posted by jloneblackheart
@B-Tank: Well they did. Nine issues. Smooth DC. 
Posted by Kairan1979

I kinda hoped to see the story of Socialist Red Guardsman and was disappointed when they finished on #9.

Posted by jloneblackheart
@Kairan1979: His story probably would have been one of the most interesting because of his beliefs and the conflicts with both the heroes and enemies of the story.
Posted by AskaniSon295

I find it ironic that the issue that was cancelled was the one featureing Socialist RedGuardsman. Dc couldn't capitalize off Socialism and Communism that in it self is hilarious. Maybe Dc can make the last issue and then make it free for the next free comic book day.