A quick lesson in adding manga

Some of the manga on this site is a mess. Here is some brief information to adding manga to the wiki.

Volume Naming

This is simple. Just because it Naruto Volume 5 doesn't make it a new volume. All manga of the same title should be under one volume, with the volume number as the issue number. Thus, Naruto volume 5 would be issue number 5 in a volume titled Naruto.


I am well aware that copyright laws in Japan are different from the rest of the world. This means a manga can be released in Japan, nearly instantly translated into English and posted on the internet for anyone to read. This does not mean it has been released in English (or any other language for that matter). Look at the examples below: 




 One is the original Japanese version. The others are reprints in other languages. Although they will have the same covers, the same art and virtually the same dialogue, they are considered different according to the wiki. They were published by different publishers or imprints at different times. They should not be considered the same.
This is true of nearly all manga, specifically those published by Viz, an imprint of Shueisha, the original Japanese publisher. Each should be a separate volume. The issue should only have that publishers cover and that publishers release date.


Manga generally do not have dates or indicias as other comics have. Usually, you will simply find the original publish date of the series. You may have to do some research to find when a specific volume was released. 
Also, just as with other comics, nothing is to be added to the database until it is released. As said earlier, just because you can read it on a manga website doesn't mean it has been released for purchase yet. Viz Media, Del Ray and Digital Manga Distributors, among others, have great websites to find when new volumes will be released.  


Any manga character should be attached to all issues. Their first appearance should be attached to the original Japanese volume, not a translation. Also, while adding information to these character pages it should be noted that this is a comic site and we generally only consider manga to be the canon histories. Please make a separate section to notate anime information. We also have an excellent sister site known as Anime Vice.


I think I covered the basic things that should be said. Having said them, I hope in the future that things can be cataloged correctly. I know there are some haters of manga on this site, but manga are comics and they belong here. Let's help this site become the biggest and best as far as both worlds are concerned.

Avoids major story arcs......

I usually try to stay away from big story arcs. Just like IE's recent article, they become too huge and watered down and branch into every other title. I mean, Dark Reign is up to 217 issues!  I just got sucked into Realm of Kings, but that is minuscule in comparison.
I was thinking of picking up the Siege though. Also, I've never read any Green Lantern comics but I love cosmic stuff. Maybe I should give DC a chance. I've been considering picking up the title when Blackest Night is ended. 


The Sentinel of the Spaceways!

I know he is a supporting character in other books like Skaar and Fantastic Four, but he needs his own book again. Unfortunately, my poll didn't go too well, not to many biters for the idea. 
He needs his own series, needs to use his incredible array of powers better, and maybe a few old villains returning (maybe even a return of Thanos?). First issue, he says bye bye to Galactus. I'd prefer it to be like volume 3, not volume 4. 
And bring back Frankie Raye! She's been dead long enough!

Start the Conversation

Concert or Karaoke?

So I went to a concert last night at a small venue and I have to say I'm pretty unhappy with it. I've been to tons of concerts and have never had an experience such as this. The problem? I couldn't hear the band over the hundreds of singing fans. It was like a massive group karaoke. This usually doesn't matter at a amphitheater or arena, but in a small enclosed space, it makes a world of a difference. 
We all like to sing. But you can do it in your shower, home alone or in your car. The whole point of going to a concert is to see an artist you enjoy preform their work. Then why would you sing over top of it? 
So please, do the ones of us that are their to watch and listen a favor. Don't sing. When the artist holds up the mic to the crowd, that's your cue.


Sci-Fi Superheroes

I mostly read the cosmic superheroes, which have some sc-fi aspects to them. Definitely my favorite.
I always wanted to get into Star Trek comics (maybe even Star Wars), but don't know where to start. It's also a lot to have to go and find/buy.


Heroes Reborn......

So I am a little confused over the Heroes Reborn story. From what I understand, after the heroes died facing Onslaught, Franklin Richards created a pocket universe in which the heroes were reborn and lived slightly different lives with different origins. I've also been told Franklin created a Counter Earth, which is where they resided. I have some questions regarding continuity and the aftermath of this event. Unfortunately, I did not read Heroes Reborn: The Return, where it may have all been explained.
i ask these questions in a understanding and editing stand point:
1. Was it a pocket universe, a Counter Earth, or combination of both that Franklin sent them to?
2. The heroes who 'died' in the battle with Onslaught had new origins. Upon their return to the 616 universe, did they forget all of these events? Were they reminded by someone of their true pasts? Do they live both of these lives currently? Were the Heroes Reborn origins retconned? The only example I have is when Thing came back in Silver Surfer Volume 3 and told Alicia that he was a different person now and 'needed some time to figure out who he was.' It also mentions on Iron Man's page that he retained his memories.
3. In all four series created to show how these characters lived their new lives, there was a normal supporting cast of characters who did not die in the battle with Onslaught. For example, Nick Fury, the Inhumans (except Crystal), Silver Surfer and Galactus. Were these all created by Franklin as well to give the illusion of a new world? Nick Fury and Silver Surfer (among others) were alive and well during these events in the 616 universe (Galactus was actually 'dead' at the time).  Should info on these types of characters be placed in the alternate reality sections of their pages?
4. Most importantly, where does this information fit into the wiki?
I appreciate and answers, comments or input. Most examples I find on the internet are unclear as to how this fits into 616 continuity. Even some people who know much more than I have told me they are not sure either. Maybe we can't decide if it is canon or not, but let's at least figure out how we can incorporate the info to the site. 
Thank you for taking the time to read this, I know it's a little long.


The Council *SPOILERS*

Anyone reading the Fantastic Four? Well, last month we were introduced to the Council, a group of dozens of alternate reality Reed Richards'. They plan to 'solve everything.' Not all of them have the same powers as 616 Reed, some have Ultimate Nullifiers and even at least three have Infinity Gauntlets.
So what I was thinking since last month is 'How could such a force ever be defeated?' I think maybe we got the answer in the newest issue.

They call it the 'Hole.' It is where they keep the Dr. Doom's over various realities. They claim that the higher brain functions have been wiped out, leaving only a shell. But what if another Doctor Doom was able to find them? Could he possibly revive them and we have a war of Reeds and Dooms? Or is that the simple answer?
What do you think? Too simple? What do you think will happen and who could stop the Council if it needed to be stopped?

Anyone else sick of movies?

I was wondering if I am alone when it comes to movies. Every time I hear about a new comic movie adaption, sequel, prequel or remake it makes me roll my eyes. I know tons of people are excited to hear about comic movies and like to discuss which actor should play a role, but where are the people like me who are totally drained when it comes to movies?
Usually the plot of the movies are thin. Continuity is changed. They are ruled by special effects, which sell the movie, not the story. Some look really good, others really bad. Does anyone else miss the days when if they were going to show something in a movie blow up they actually had to blow something up? 
Also the theater experience is just plain awful. The ticket prices go up every month and so do the refreshments. My TV looks better than the screen. My surround sound is louder. And I don't have to listen to peoples comments or telephone calls. On average, I would say I go see a movie in the theater once every two years. I think the last movie I saw was the Dark Knight, and it was OK. Before that I saw Revenge of the Sith and was totally disappointed with the theater experience.
I'm not trying to hate on anyone who loves the movies or gets excited to hear their favorite character is coming to the big screen. It just seems like it is really blowing up lately and I wanted to know if anyone else is as bored with it as I am.


My new kitten - Nova

So I got a new kitten and since I took pictures to send my sister I thought I'd share her with those interested. Who doesn't like kittens? She is named after the Herald of Galactus - Nova (Frankie Raye).
Does anyone else have a pet named after a comic character? I'm sure some of you do, I have my whole life. Feel free to post your pets (even if they aren't named after a comic character).