Sentient planets - Character or Location?

So the planet K'ai from the Hulk books has recently been revealed to be a sentient planet. Unlike other sentient planets, like Ego or Mogo, K'ai has a 'worldmind' that is it's communication center. This is just a small sphere located within the planet. Ego and Mogo, for example, speak outwardly as an entire planet.  
Either way, K'ai is not in the database and I plan to add it. I think it should be a character page since it is sentient, but since most of it's appearances are simply as a planet, it might be better suited as a location page.  
Please insert opinions........ 
P.S. - 20th blog. yessssss!


Stacking comic boxes - How high is too high??

So I have very limited space for my comics. I currently have one long box and 5 short boxes, all pretty much filled. The time is coming for another short box. All five short boxes are stacked on top of the long box. I feel like they are getting heavy and could possibly collapse. Or even worse, slowly bend all the comics on the bottom efore I even notice. Most everything is bagged and boarded but that is no defense against gravity and pressure.   
All my Silver Surfer comics are in the long box. I would be devastated if they were to be harmed.  
So the question is: How high can you stack them before something gives? Anyone have any experience in this matter? Surely some of you have far more comics than this. 


Has Marvel forgotten about Stardust?

I have't seen Stardust since Godhunter. She was absent in Galactus and the Surfers appearances in Son of Hulk and has not been seen in the Thanos Imperative either. So, where is she? She's totally loyal to Galactus, I see no reason why Stardust shouldn't be around except Marvel has forgotten she exists.  
Am I the only one who likes this character?


aztek the lost - world's greatest

aztek the lost, fellow moderator, destroyed the challenge I placed before him in my recent absence. His spoils are a respect thread (well, one not actually created by himself). 
As you may know, aztek is second among the editors of the site but first in presence. Not only will he amass hundreds of points a day, he will also respond to your topics, help you in his PMs, tutor, nurture, amuse, moderate your wiki submission, give you dozens of site statistics you did not ask for, reminisce about the old days and home in on any provocative subject. All this while still maintaining the modesty of only claiming to be the greatest - when he is so much more.  
Aztek helped to create and mold me into the productive member of the site that I am. His obsession makes my efforts look like a weekend hobby. 

So this thread is for aztek, who pours most of his waking hours into the site making it a bigger and better place. A place where everything Vertigo ever released is cataloged. A place where you can find thousands of issues of Commando and Topolino. A place that actually has dozens of aztek's running around under an army of other aliases. 
So please post all of your stories about how awesome and helpful aztek the lost is. He already knows it, but it only helps the site to fuel his flames. :)

Did I miss something? How are they back?

How are Aegis and Tenebrous back to life in Thanos Imperative #2? Did I miss something? They were dead and it was awesome how they were killed by the Silver Surfer. Why would they just be back all of the sudden and totally cool with Galactus?


To the West Coast

Hello ComicViners! 
I am on vacation from Wednesday, July 14th until Tuesday, July 20th. I also have a Weird Al concert on the 21st, so I won't be around until Thursday, July 22nd. I'll pop on here and there, but I definitely won't be around as much as I am usually. 
I am going to Laguna Beach, California. It is my first trip to any state not touching the Atlantic Ocean. Like traveling to the north, I am bound to be singled out for having a southern accent. I hope it's fun though since I really need a trip.  
So, you can still ask me stuff and point out things, but it may be a bit before I get to it. I just got an iPhone, so we could always talk on Twitter since I am now addicted.  


Great Ten canceled?

So thanks to the ComicVine podcast I learned that the Great Ten was going to be canceled. I realize this is what happens when books aren't selling as well as the publisher would hope. My problem is that it was only 10 issues in the first place. They are canceling it one issue early.
What exactly is the point of this? All you are doing is hurting the fans of the series (it is excellent by the way) and depriving us of a proper completion. If you look at March's sales, Great Ten wasn't even the worse selling DC title, but it's the one getting canceled. 
I find this quite disgraceful on DC's part. Take your lumps and give the fans their last issue.


Let's Get It Together!!!

As a big Green Hornet fan, I was very happy to see Dynamite taking on the characters and having some great writers behind it. But through three issues of the Green Hornet, two issues of Green Hornet: Year One and one issue of Kato Origins, I find myself finding a lot of mistakes and contradictions.
Kato is portrayed as Japanese, even being in the Imperial Army before WWII in Year One. But in KS's book, they speak Mandarin to each other. I'm hoping that this isn't a mistake and that he learned Mandarin while at war in China. I hope he also meets a woman there and has a child, because Mulan is not a Japanese name. At least someone special to him to name her after.
Kato is also referenced his ninja training in the Origins book (I believe). In Year One, his father is a samurai and teaches him bushido. Which is it? They sort of conflict with each other. 
Little mistakes - Kato's real name in Origins is spelled two different ways- ON THE NEXT PAGE!
Frank Scanlon is up to be reelected as mayor in one issue, yet referred to as the DA in the next (his position before he became the mayor).
I want to love these books guys! Get your facts straight, it sure helps tie a universe together!


An incredible lack of creativity and imagination

Stupid quests................ Sucking me in....................... Like I don't have enough to do...................
My next blog will be better, although nearly as useless. I need to get some scans first. Please leave a comment if you want it lost forever in the depths of obscurity.