Vacation August 11th through 15th

It's that time of year again. I'll be gone for a little while. Heading to California to participate in Paul Vunak's Bash on the Beach 3 day JKD seminar. The sad part is, I'll have no computer. Surely though I will be checking PMs and stuff on my phone (I know I can't stay away). That is unless I am exhausted and in pain.

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When A Character Dies.... Twice

It occurred to me the other day. Adam Warlock is dead. He's DEAD dead. The turned into another version of the Magus, who was then killed himself. Let's take a look at the timeline...

The original Magus was from the future. He wanted to rule the universe. He was what Adam Warlock was destined to become (so, alternate reality). With the help of Thanos, Warlock was able to find his alternate reality self just before changing into the evil Magus. Warlock then killed "himself." Woo-Hoo! No Magus! Oh wait.... it's destiny.

The Magus returned once again, this time the evil that Adam expelled from himself when he obtained the Infinity Gauntlet. Again, the Magus wanted to control the universe. Thus began the Infinity War, and again with the help of Thanos, Warlock defeated the Magus and trapped him in the Soul Gem. No more Magus. But wait... It is Adam Warlock's destiny to become the Magus....

That brings us to more current events. During the Realm of Kings, Warlock was forced to overlap time lines to stop the Fault from spreading. By doing this, he saved the universe, but also made it possible for him to become the Magus - which he did. He fooled the Guardians of the Galaxy, Starlord even shooting and killing Adam Warlock. But the Magus escaped.

A Total Waste

Now it gets to where I get pissed off. This Magus seems to want to control the universe as well, but it's soon revealed that he is serving someone else. (The MAGUS is serving someone else?!?!?). This is the corrupted Captain Mar-Vell of the Cancerverse whose goal is to destroy the universe by eliminating Death. Now, is it just me, or does this not sound like anything the Magus would want to be a part of, let alone help and serve? As a reward for assistance, Magus is totally vaporized by Mar-Vell, an alternate reality character that the writers and staff knew would be dead in a mere six issues after the conclusion of the Thanos Imperative.

As a fan of the character, I'm very unhappy with this turn of events. Not only did Warlock get killed off to become the Magus, the Magus was killed just for show for pretty much no reason besides they wanted Mar-Vell to look like an even badder guy. I feel like there is no way for Warlock to come back from this. I just think that if you are going to take a character like Warlock and finally make the 616 version turn into the Magus, he needs to be a big time villain that's around for a while - not some nobody who was wasted in a overall poor story. I think any attempt to bring Warlock or Magus back after this would be just as lame as how they died in the first place.

It's been a long time since the greatness that was Annihilation. Once the Thanos Imperative began, it seems like DnA and the editors said, "Screw it. Kill as many cosmic characters as you want. It's not like we are going to have anymore cosmic books anyway."


The Future Foundation - The Name Game

Let me begin by saying I love the Future Foundation and the direction it is going. Very interesting stuff. This is mostly a pet peeve rant. So.....

Hey Hickman! Artists! Editors! Don't create a bunch of characters and then lose track of and confuse their names!

It is very frustrating that somehow I know the names of these characters and the creators don't. First it was Bentley. He was stated as being the thirty second clone of the Wizard. Somehow that got flip-flopped and now he is Bentley 23. Slightly annoying, enough that I had to write a note on his wiki page regarding his name. His name was first changed in a big spread naming all the members of the FF (which I cannot remember what issue it was in for the life of me) and later in dialog with the Wizard in an issue.

Today, FF #5 came out and I find this on the first page:

The Moloids are totally messed up. The one that's a head in a jar? That's Turg. Tong is always with Korr, which is missing an 'r" here.

The two Uhari Atlanteans have only been named once on the spread page I mentioned earlier. The female was Vii. Here, she is Vil.

To me, this is similar to continuity. How is it that us fans can seem to remember these details and the creators cannot?


Does your significant other know comics?

Last night while catching the tail end of the Real Housewives of Orange County, I found myself making comments to my fiancée about the show (which I despise). All of the sudden, I became angered that not only do I know what's going on in the show, I know the characteristics of all these women and their husbands. Come to think of it, I am a veritable treasure trove of trivia knowledge about Sex and the City as well and have seen Dirty Dancing, Coyote Ugly and Moulin Rogue more times than I can count.

So I said to her: I know everything about what you enjoy and you know absolutely nothing about what I enjoy. I proceed with the following test:

Q: What planet is the Silver Surfer from?

A: Krypton (no hesitation)

Q: Who made the Silver Surfer?

A: Batman

Q: Name ONE member of the Guardians of the Galaxy

A: After complaining about the difficulty of the question - Frankie Raye (she knows the name because that is what I named my cat)

While I found these answers quite humorous, they were still way off base. Am I angry she doesn't know/care or am I angry because I have to see the Real Housewives everyday?

Does your significant other know anything about your comics interest? Have you ever had them give a hilarious response like the ones above?


Last of Their Race - The Elders of the Universe

The Elders 
If you aren't familiar with them, the Elders of the Universe get their great power from being the last surviving member of their race. As long as they continue to do what they enjoy, they are virtually immortal. They are imbued with the Power Primordial - the energies left over from the creation of the universe.
In his battle with the Obliterator, the Silver Surfer convinced him to spare the Zenn-Lavians, for if he killed them all the Surfer would be the last of his kind and therefor become an Elder and his "brother."

Technically, the Silver Surfer is the last Zenn-Lavian (check this blog). In an alternate future, Lightwave is from Zenn-La as well. Does that mean there are other Zenn-Lavians still alive in the 616 universe? This is kind of a bad example, since how could we even tell the Silver Surfer has the powers of an Elder since he is already so powerful and has such great longevity. 

What about Gamora - the last surviving Zen Whoberi? Should she not have the great powers of an Elder of the Universe?

What got me thinking about this was the Earth-691 Guardians of the Galaxy. Martinex is the last survivor of Pluto. Charlie-27 is the last Jovian. Nikki is the last Mercurian. Do they not fit the qualifications of an Elder of the Universe?

Another example I can think of is Stardust. She fed the remaining survivors of her race to Galactus. 

Are there any others in the Marvel Universe you can think of that are the last of their kind?

Your points for major characters you DON'T actually edit?

So, I just so happened to notice this. If you are a major contributor to the site as far as the wiki goes, you may have gained a decent amount of points for the most popular characters in the industry, even though you rarely or even possibly never edit their pages. 

For example, I have this many points for these popular heroes:

Superman - 341 pts.
Wolverine - 261 pts.
Batman - 233 pts. 
Spider-Man - 131 pts.
Hulk - 94 pts.
Captain America - 79 pts.
Thor - 77 pts.

What I find surprising, is I have never actually edited these pages (except Wolverine). I also find it surprising that I've added some of these characters to so many issues or associations. Again, I find Superman topping the list as the most surprising, because if I had to pick my least favorite of the bunch, it would be him. I'm sure if I kept going I'd find Wonder Woman, but 50 pages of checking is enough for me. 

So my question to you is: How many points do you have for popular characters you know practically nothing about and never edit?

Assistant Editors' Month: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Remember Assistant Editors' Month? January 1984? Hoping I would never ask? Been trying to forget it? 

Some of these issues are complete travesties that are now a part of canon. Who can forget Aunt May as Golden Oldie- Herald of Galactus, blank pages in Alpha Flight #6 to represent a blizzard and the super awesome villain - Goody Two Shoes!

 Golden Oldie - Herald to Galactus!
No Art - Alpha Flight #6
Goody Two-Shoes kicks the Ever Lovin' Thing in the Gut 
 Mo-Skull !!!!

Please leave comments here to show your appreciation or disgust for the many things that happened this month. Most of these stories have less that fabulous reviews on here. Got a story you'd like to defend? Did you like the Avengers on the David Letterman show? Did this one month really screw up some continuity with one of your favorite characters?  

The Trouble with Zenn-La and it's Non-Existence

So I've begun to really start thinking about this and there are some things that just don't match up here: 

Zenn-La was destroyed in 1947 by the Other. Galactus created such an elaborate illusion of it's existence that the Silver Surfer or no one else would ever know what truly happened...  

But, if Zenn-La were destroyed in 1947, in the presence of Galactus and the Silver Surfer (and the Surfer's future self), then why did Galactus return and absorb the planet's energies after the Surfer betrayed him? The planet had already been destroyed long before this event. Why would he create hardships for illusions? Why would he give them the chance to escape if they weren't even real and he knew it? Why bother at all? 

We can assume every event played out in the comics with Zenn-La and the Zenn-Lavians was after 1947, as it all involved the Surfer being freed from Galactus' service. So...

Did Fennan Radd and Yarro Gort, among other Zenn-Lavians, ever even truly exist? Yarro was never killed or captured. Where is he? Just an illusion running around Earth?
How could Norrin give some of his Power Cosmic to Shalla Bal, if she were only an illusion? 
How could Mephisto take the soul of Shalla Bal if she were only an illusion? 
Did known Zenn-Lavians such as Lightwave leave Zenn-La before 1947? He would have had to, or else they aren't real either. 
How could a being like the Great One take the entire population and the planet into his mind if they were only an illusion? 

So, WTF? 

It seems to me the whole thing was never really thought out. It's a shame. There has been no mention of this plot line since. It's as if Zenn-La and the Surfer's love Shalla Bal just don't exist anymore. I hope one day they address these issues and, as much as I hate when they do, retcon the hell out of this. It makes no sense and seems to be just writing with no research done to make sure there were no contradictions...

Touching Moment...Glad you're still in there Norrin

Instead of the normal awesome display of power, I was very happy to see that Norrin Radd is still inside the Silver Surfer, even if it had to be induced by the goddess of love Venus. Although I could sense his compassion was still there, he has grown very cold since Annihilation. And though I've enjoyed the super powerful, take no crap, Galactus is all that matters herald Silver Surfer, I really enjoyed this scene. 

They haven't really mentioned that Zenn La and Shalla Bal were mere illusions for virtually all of the Surfer's history. It's nice to know she isn't just an illusion to him or just a thing of the past.