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@donfelipe: I always thought that was kinda weird because in an issue of WW, she said she was only 23, which would make her approximately the same age as Cyborg since it was set 5 years into the new 52

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Sounds like a great read, but in the New 52, he couldn't have been 12 when he became Cyborg could he? I mean wasn't he in high school in the first arc of Justice League?

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See his comment about the "African American" Wally bothers me, but not because I care that they changed Wally's race. I'm biracial, just like Wally is now, and I don't consider myself African American. There's as much of a difference between being black and being biracial as there is between being white and being biracial. All that aside, I can't wait for them to introduce Wally as long as they get his character right. Personally I think nu52 Wally is a brat, and I'd prefer him to be more like the original

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Batman could just forge an Uru batarang and throw it at Thor's face. Or he could use it to knock Mjolnir out of Thor's hand, pick it up, ad beat the crap out of Thor.