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Off hand question...how come we've never seen like a Green lantern youngster? 
Ummm you do know that he has had a sidekick since he was created right?
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Well, I was just thinking earlier today about the JSA and how they aren't in the new DCnU...yet. Anyways, since the JSA has always been a legacy team I think A book like JSA in the ninties would be awesome. I'm not sure how it would work, but having a team of: 
Wally West ( since he's not anywhere on new earth or whatever they could say he was brought to a different earth) 
Kyle Rayner 
Jesse Quick 
Starman(Jack Knight) 
Atom Smasher  
Jakeem Thunder 
and a few others.  I just really think a legacy team like this would be really cool. 
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Thanky you! I really like how Kevin Maguire makes facial expressions so vivid, so I decided to do the same on that piece.
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Everybody's favorite bounty hunter Jonah Hex!!! (Not Boba Fett...)
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Does anyone know where that second picture comes from? It's pretty funny!
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I'm pretty sure your friend was wrong. I don't think anyone on this site would delete a comment like yours. This site is made for opinions like yours.
But anyways, those are pretty good facts, but I haven't seen Dick and Kory (K-O-R-Y  LOL) together since the New Teen Titans so I think that they are pretty much over.
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No, just because he doesn't have the ring on his finger doesn't mean he can't control it, as seen in the comics and the movie. Although if he was knocked out they might be able to do something. 
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Can anyone tell me what the comics were that said "Suggested for Mature Readers", but weren't taken into Vertigo?(Such as Green Arrow) 
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@ambigu0us said:

So giving Connor a tattoo and a S eblem taped to his back is called good design? I need to start submitting my stick figures to DC.

HAHA. That's a great idea. I'm sure a 4 year old could come up with a better design for Superboy than that.....thing.
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Well, On the Teen Titans subject: 
I actually like Tim's costume a lot, but as everyone else in the relaunch, he looks younger. 
I suppose Cassie's costume is ok. 
I also am a fan of Kid Flash's costume(even though they should change his name), unless it's Wally, then I'll have to kill someone. 
Even the smoke girl is ok, even though I son't know why they would pick her when there are tons of other Titans. 
But GOOD LORD, what were they thinking with Superboy and Witchblade rip-off? Superboy looks like he's going back to his 90's days. 
Also I sure hope that at least Tim and Conner know each other in this relaunch. I mean Conner and Tim's relationship was just awesome, and was very sad when Conner died. But, I guess Infinite Crisis probably won't apply as much in this new universe... 
Yup, I'm out.