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Didn't this Kitty Pryde get run over by her Colossus and die? I get that she's from an alternate reality...but is this an alternate alternate reality?

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I think this preview is worth it just to see the Thanos design. Dude looks BA.

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@shadowhuntr: Was that explained in the context of the mini-series or something they threw in later?

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AOA was one of the best X-Men events ever! It was the first story that I bought all of the crossover issues for every title. Not sure what all the teasers mean, but if it means I get new AOA stories I'm in!

Anyone else heard the rumors that they are "what ifs" with a common thread?

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@outside_85: right, but the concept for this book is that present-day Beast somehow figured out how to scoop the original X-Men out of the same timeline (not an alternate). That's why current Cyclops disappeared when young Cyclops died briefly.

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I have literally watched this trailer at least 12 times. I am glad that I don't know a lot about the GotG and can just enjoy the build up to this movie without all of the over analyzing/criticism. I think this looks awesome! Lastly, are those Nova Corp troops checking the GotG into prison?

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I would not want to be haunted by the ghost of Fran Drescher's career. Everything she has ever created haunts me a little already...so having it be official would probably drive me to insanity...that voice...that laugh...following you constantly. You close your eyes and see that giant hair with the creepy Joker grin...*shiver*.

I wouldn't mind being haunted by Benjamin Franklin. The dude invented the post office! I bet he's got some crazy @$$ stories. Plus I break my bifocals a lot so his insight into this problem would be priceless.

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Norman Osborn running the Dark Avengers will always be the true Iron Patriot!!!