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@outside_85: right, but the concept for this book is that present-day Beast somehow figured out how to scoop the original X-Men out of the same timeline (not an alternate). That's why current Cyclops disappeared when young Cyclops died briefly.

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I have literally watched this trailer at least 12 times. I am glad that I don't know a lot about the GotG and can just enjoy the build up to this movie without all of the over analyzing/criticism. I think this looks awesome! Lastly, are those Nova Corp troops checking the GotG into prison?

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I would not want to be haunted by the ghost of Fran Drescher's career. Everything she has ever created haunts me a little already...so having it be official would probably drive me to insanity...that voice...that laugh...following you constantly. You close your eyes and see that giant hair with the creepy Joker grin...*shiver*.

I wouldn't mind being haunted by Benjamin Franklin. The dude invented the post office! I bet he's got some crazy @$$ stories. Plus I break my bifocals a lot so his insight into this problem would be priceless.

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Norman Osborn running the Dark Avengers will always be the true Iron Patriot!!!

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How great is this book! Consistently, month after month, just a really phenomenal read. And "Dear Santa" I would really like some Immonen original art for Christmas! I love the new outfits! I was a little weary of this cross-over because I haven't been reading GotG, but right now, All-New X-men can do no wrong!

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I hope it's AoA! I have always that the Age of Apocalypse would make the best X-Men movie! I'm holding judgement until I see DOFP, but my inner X-nerd is very excited!

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I have been loving the Battle of the Atom story and definitely can't wait to see how the newest twist plays out! I gave Mighty Avengers a try (because I've been enjoying the other Avengers titles) but was very underwhelmed...I usually give books at least an arc to win me over, but I'm probably gonna pass on this one...

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This is probably my 2nd favorite book right now. I know a lot of people were not happy (to say the least) with Dan Slott for making SpOck...but I am of the mindset that Peter Parker will be back so I'll just enjoy the ride while he is gone.

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TWIST: so maybe Mystique didn't have a kid with Wolverine at all...but with Legion! Thus the "Xavier's grandson" thing. And he has a bunch of physical power sets based off of different personalities. I am on a roll...a highly improbable roll...

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Also...check out those eyebrows! Those are totally Xavier eyebrows!

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