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@theacidskull: There's also this interview as well


Edit: My mistake it's the same thing.

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@Osian2: @danhimself: Yup. Scott seems to remember the group that left fondly whereas everyone on the other coast kind of want to bash them around. It isn't exclusive to the whole P5 thing either. I recall after they quarantined/evicted Utopia Logan and company were furious that Scott would talk to them. It's just silly and today's WATX made it even more so. I found the entire Bobby/Logan scene at the end mildly retarded.

WATX was entertaining at first, but it's lost it's luster to me. It might be the AvX tie-in's or the fact that they're going to lose some of their best characters shortly. Kid Gladiator being gone is a rather huge hit and now only Broo remains.

It seems to me that some writers are making Wolverine "the" leader of the x-men at the expense of Cyclops. Especially WatX 15 where we had the O5 x-men with Rachel filling in for Jean and surprise surprise Wolverine taking Cyclops' place. Hell Cyclops in no longer the first x-man, that's Wolverine now! Beast has become a hypocrite because of this change.

Cyclops forms X-force, Beasts reaction: You're a monster and I'll never forgive you!

Wolverine CONTINUES x-force, Beasts reaction: I disapprove but hey I still like you

I can't really comment on whether you should drop WatX as I don't read it (too light-hearted) but Storm will be joining after AvX so you might still enjoy it.

I should have seen it coming given that horrible cartoon that came out years ago. Everyone in the latest WatXM were so quick to disregard their convictions and didn't even try to bring up an argument that continuing to fight Scott might not be a good idea. Rachel attempted to talk to Logan only briefly,however, there was next to no exposition on anything.

As for WatXM, it just serves as another ego stroke/fanboy trip for Wolverine fans and Jason Aaron alike and I'm that I haven't invested a single penny into the book.

Scott is only the leader of the X-Men in name only and from what I understand UXM was selling better than WatXM. It's like Marvel doesn't want to have an X-title were Logan isn't featured in some capacity. Heh, Marvel is even going as far to retcon Professor X as receiving inspiration for the X-Men from Wolverine...I mean seriously...? The truth is that Marvel is doing a reboot but that they simply aren't branding Marvel NOW! as such.

 Aaron calling him the new mutant leader now. Plus he's trying to say this is how they truly were.


 With alliances shifting, Time_to_Zap wonders how Wolvie will respond:

1) How personally is Logan taking the fact that taking several of his staff members fought on the "X" side of things? I know Iceman expressed a desire that he could return after the war, but is that something Logan would be okay with? Or would he hold a grudge?

That very question is answered in issue #15, and it speaks to Logan's entire philosophy as a newfound mutant leader. 

2) Judging from the way Colossus lost his temper on Kitty's date, how do you view the Phoenix 5? Do you write them as gods?

They're not gods, no. They're the same characters we've always known, but now possessed with this other entity that has the mind and powers of a god. A not-always-particularly-benevolent god.

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     Superboy Can Survive In Lava  
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@joshmightbe: Except for Polaris.

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@Chaos Burn: Just found this.

Jeph Loeb and Simone Bianchi will reteam on "Wolverine" to bring back the arch-villain they killed off a few years back as Sabertooth is on the prowl again. "I appreciate everybody who stood on the wall at Marvel and said 'No, he's not coming back,'" Loeb said of Marvel keeping the character off the table for other writers so he could do this story. He added "I've said in other interviews that the story we told was not the whole story...if you've been clamoring for Sabertooth to return and make Wolverine's life miserable [this is the place]." He added that if fans go back and read he and Bianchi's last Sabertooth story, the breadcrumbs that can explain how he can return after being decapitated are all in there.

Here's the link to the whole article.