My little write up about Scott Pilgrim.

Hello Comic Vine!  Some of you may know me from Giant Bomb or Anime Vice.  I thought I would share this blog over here since this is about a comic.  I don't come here often, so hello all!

 Scott Pilgrim

Once upon a time there was this guy named Scott Pilgrim.  He is some lazy dude from Toronto.  One day he meets this chick Ramona Flowers, but to keep dating this he he must defeat her 7 evil ex-boyfriends.
THAT'S IT!     THE END                                  /blog
OK, the blog isn't over yet.  If you don't know what Scott Pilgrim is about, that's the basic jist of if.
Last night (well, technically really early this morning) I finished reading the series.  This will be a short little blog talking about what I liked and didn't like about it.

Things I Enjoyed

  • Holy crap, there are lots of characters.  Surprisingly, they are all excellent.
  • The comedy is spot on.  Constant laughs through out.  Sex jokes to video game jokes, they will make you giggle.
  • Loved the cartoony/manga art style.  Totally fits with it.
  • All the video game stuff was totally rad.  You just get a big grin on your face when you know the references or when it randomly feels like a game.
  • Was surprised the romance stuff in it was actually good and interesting.  Lots of crazy relationship stuff.

Things I Didn't Enjoy

  • Every once in a while the pacing felt kinda weird.  When you think something should happen or there should be a little more, it just moves on.  For the most part it wasn't a problem.


If you are looking for a new comedy/action/romance comic to read and don't mind some video game stuff thrown in there, you should totally check this out.  It's a series that is just plain fun and a blast.

I guess I could talk about Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game while I'm at it since I finished it a few days ago.

No, that isn't Scott's penis.

In retrospect, it's a mindless brawler like Ninja Turtles or The Simpsons arcade game.  The game does have RPG elements in the game, similar to River City Ransom, which helps it from being bland.
I enjoyed the levels in the game.  There were really fun and unique.  The 16-bit art style in the game was fantastic.  Since the game plays like an old school game, might as well make it look old school.  I'm really surprised at how close the game was with the comics.  While I was reading it there were moments were I was like "Holy shit, that's totally in the game in some form" and I got a grin on my face.  Some minor things here and there and also you get the picture of why the levels in the game were there. Of course there were some things in the game that weren't in the comics, but hey, that's common with licensed games.
The worst thing about the game is that there is no online play.  Are you kidding me?  A game like this in this day in age and there is no online play?  That was Ubisoft's biggest screw up with the game.  The best thing about the game was the soundtrack.  Easily one of the best original soundtracks of the year.
Here are a couple songs from the game:


 Big ups to Anamanaguchi for making a kick ass soundtrack.
 In a nutshell, the game can be fun with others, but it can get a little stale by yourself.  Still, I had fun with the game and will get the DLC when it comes out on Xbox 360.

Well, that's the end of this blog.  Go buy the comics and at least try the demo of the game before you buy it.  See you on the flip side!

 Scott, you are my hero.
P.S.  I have not seen the movie yet.
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