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I haven't seen this show since I was in Junior High. I'll probably check it out.
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Another Deathblow fan here! Anyway, I'm thinking about writing Deathblow's history on this site's character page however, my Deathblow collection is only up to issue 29 as well as his team up with Wolverine and a short one-shot. I haven't read any of the newer ones after he gets resurrected (and the clone story arc). If anyone can help out with this endeavor, I'll be more than appreciative.
I'm also planning to do the same for the Team 7 page however, I lost the final two issues of the series (Dead Reckoning #3 & #4). If you can help me with these, I'd be grateful as well.
I'd like to thank everyone in advance who's willing to help. Now, it's time to start reading these books again before I start writing.