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About Me
Been reading comics since grade school, although I don't read as much as before.  
Helicopter Pilot and owner of a "40th Anniversary Commemorative Edition" Lotus Esprit. Yup, it's that one ---------->  
I'm a former LEO. 
Due to my previous occupation, I'm well-versed in CQB (Close Quarters Battle)  and Team tactics.  
People say I look like the character "Jin" from the anime, Samurai Champloo, hence the name and avatar. 
I'm a slightly above average-level Kenjutsu practitioner as well as an Aikidoka.  
I'm a light smoker (cigarettes) 
I've never taken any type of drugs (illegal substances) 
I don't drink (although sometimes on rare occasions)

 First name starts with the letter "S". Last name ends with the letter "s" 
Age: Not too young and not too old 
Occupation: CDC Field Operations  
Marital Status: Widowed (was happily married for 12 years, I'll always love my wife. I still miss her very much) 
Hobbies: Flying, driving, Japanese swords, Aikido, guns, occasionally comic books/manga and sometimes video games (although, the older I get, the less interested I am) 
Likes: My kids/family, swords, guns, aircraft, cars, comics/manga, anime, horror movies, action movies, sci fi movies and i've really got this thing for women with nice, round posteriors (I've also got this thing for blondes as well) 
Dislikes: Too many to name, but mainly illegal substances 
Quotes: "If I can only go back in time.....", "Live life to its fullest cause life is too short....."

If you're actually taking the time to read all this, 0.o  , thank you! I appreciate it. Take care!