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@daak1212: if thats the case, hulk is definitely going to have a better chance against a guy like magneto. however, hes going to be more vulnerable to BFR in space since he doesnt have his tech, which i assume is the only way he could even effectively battle there

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@Mr_Winchester: a guy was arguing that an EMP would have little effect because this version of hulk is too durable via his brain. now, while this is also doing speculation on his part, it does make sense. on the contrary, the brain is still a much more vital and vulnerable part of the body compared to say hulks skin. magneto has generated an EMP strong enough to disable all electronics in the entire WORLD. if this kind of force was created directly in a vital part of hulks brain...i just think it could possibly KO him. now hulk does have that healing factor of his, so he would most likely recover in probably a matter of seconds. however, like i explained before, this time could be used to levitate hulks body in space. and any tech hulk had could be manipulated in a heart beat by magneto, if its the kind of tech i think it is. so its all just theorizing based off magnetos feats. i personally think magneto can pull it off if he does it right and makes no mistakes

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@Mercy_: why dont you simply ignore it? im pretty sure bumping a thread isnt going to ruin your life

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@Blacharrt1: well you have some really good points that i didnt think of, but im still inclined to believe BFR is still an option

for one thing, it is a proven fact magneto can control gravity and people and when i was saying he can lift more than 30,000 tons i was not comparing that to hulk. i stated that because i was implying that he probably wont have any trouble levitating hulk off the ground because hes too heavy or something of the sort. and by levitating him, he can move him into space. and im sorry but i cant just read that issue. it would be a lot easier if you at least explained how, and if it was due to his bannertech, magneto should be able manipulate that easily.

and i also believe your slightly underestimating magnetos power capacity. he has been able to re-direct a giant planet splitting bullet from light years away. now he did have a lot of uninterrupted concentration and it drained a ton of his power, but still. that should give you an idea of how much power he has. so frankly, i dont believe he would tire out as quickly as you think.

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a full powered galactus would still win pretty easily. you should reduce his power level to somewhere around, 70%. rune lord thor has a much better chance then

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on paper, this should be almost spite

god blast

teleportation- teleport him to the suns core or in space

moving at speeds and throwing his hammer 2 times the speed of light

nanosecond reactions

lifts him high in the air with a tornado and continuously bombards him with lightning until hes KOed

winds from a 1000 worlds- injured a sky father level being and can potentially decimate multiple planets


drain his gamma with mjolnir

honestly, unless thor is simply battling it out like a dumb brute or hulk has PIS on his side, thor should very effortlessly beat the hulk every time

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if theres no PIS (meaning a brute that can only punch things taking on god like powerhouses) then surfer wins with incredible ease

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rune lord thor solos.....hulk is at the wrong party

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@Blacharrt1: but you havent really explained why magneto cant control hulks gamma and remove it from him. and what do you mean an EMP wont have any effect on him? for one thing hulk is not immune to electricity. thors lightning would do damage, but it isnt even the same attack. hulks brain still has electrons in it, so if magneto can effectively create a concentrated EMP directly and accurately in the right place, i believe it could dish out enough damage to KO him. just because this version of hulk is much more durable towards attacks like wolverines claws and storms lightning, doesnt mean his brain is. now, there is his healing factor. i do think hulk would recover, probably in a short period of time, but still. if magneto can pull this off, he could use that time to remove as much gamma as possible or levitate his body into space. yeah magneto can control organic things like people and lift more than 30,000 tons. and can you possibly explain or post a scan of how hulk was able to effectively battle in space? was it due to his tech? because magneto should be able to easily manipulate that, making it useless. and i have also seen a scan in canon where magneto creates a wormhole without any help, so i dont know what you mean when you say he cant do it under his own power.

i know im doing a lot of speculating, but i just think magneto can win this

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@TheAcidSkull: i mean if its still made of regular tech and not magically enhanced or made of some other material like nano tubes or something like that, magneto is going to easily manipulate it