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I'm guessing yes, but Hank Pym needs to be the Original Ant Man for sure in the movie and in Avengers 2\Also, Hawkeye needs his jet bike, if tony stark has a armored flight and battle suit, the least he could do is supe up his ducati…

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Their right, every arch is diferent until the retconn, the U Foes should be upgraded too More members. Different powers. That way they can put up a fight again the classic Avengers lineup, which in my opinion includes Cap, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, Vision, Yellowjacket, Wasp, as well the the FF and Wolverine and Spidey. I know new arcs change that, but the Avengers are the best of the best. They have had Beast, Wonder Man, as well as Ms Marvel on the team consistently, so there are some really heavy hitters there. The UFoes upgrading would allow more Avengers to fight. I'm thinking Black Panther, She-Hulk, and Ant-Man(Scott Lang). l would love to see the full squad in action again is all!

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I assume its because Chris Evans is a homosexual, and they want to play down that aspect of Cap....

seriously, whoever Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds blew to get these amazing roles, has obviously no interest in the sanctity of our favorite superheroes. Putting soming twink in the role only ruins our fantasies of these movies being believable

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I feel like the original Joker required a certain amount of "suspension of disbelief" to accept him as a formidable foe for Batman. The fact that he was retconned and made into a comlete psycho makes him more believable, and it also allowed Batman to evolve with him. No one can really agree as to the amount influence that Marvel's darker toned series and their success had over Batman's evolution, but we all agree that in the end, Batman is way more badass. The Joker's constant ability to surprise the reader, and delve more thoroughly into his depravity and lunacy with each issue makes him one of the all time great villains, and I feel like he would make an impact on nearly every issue he touched. I agree that he wouldn't work well with lines like the Silver Surfer or the Guardians of the Galaxy, but he might fit in well with the likes of Iron Man, Spider-Man, Blade, Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider, Captain America, or even the X-Men lines if it was done well and with a lot of thought. That being said, we all look at major cross overs as a money motivated thing these days. I think it would be cooler if with all the social media at our disposal, the two major companies would create some type of official online battles, created by the fans, and include a voting system . I feel like nearly all readers want to see the varying contests of stregnth between the two universes [or multiverses] and their vast array of characters and timelines, so why not give it to them in a format they actually have an impact on. Creating matchups, submitting new ideas,casting ballots and voting would really make this medium interactive on a whole new level. An app or website could even use existing artwork, and minimal ad generated revenue so it would be cheap to run and still make money. I know it would really be something I would love as a fan of both companies.

PS: Not that I don't love comicvine's but we all love original content more:)

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I thought these movies were so dissappointing. So much transforming and overly elaborate gearboxing crap.  Why can't they just do the three step transform, classic move?  I feel like half these movies I'm trying to figure out what's happening with the transformation, who is good and who is bad, and why is Meghan Fox dating the dork from 90210!  Plus, it looks like she's not even in the new one.  Michael Bay is all style, zero substance, so I shouldn't be surprised.  I just think there was alot of potential here.  Especially seeing the huge budget's they have.  I really hope that Captain America isn't a Transformers level piece of garbage.even though I'd rather see Chris Evan's take a steaming dump instead of being Steve Rogers on the big screen.  He's the worst.  Then Shia LeBouf
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He is the best natural weapons handler in the marvel universe.  He can even handle cap's shield effectively with riccochet effect and everything.  This makes him the most dangerous man on most teams, while armed.


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In the oringial GL comics it has changed from fabric to energy to the now movie version which I can only assume is made of the gay energy that Ryan Reynolds exudes when he chronically attempts humor.  Ryan Reynolds is like a less funny, slightly better looking version of Dane Cook, so its easy to confuse them.  Let me clarify, Ryan Reynolds is the manorexic who 2nd on the current list to Chris Evans as "Most likely dude to ruin your superhero franchise".  Bye Bye any hope of seeing a cool, gritty Cap, or a fearless, war hero for Hal Jordan.  Nope, you life long fans get jokester doofuses (I hope that is the correct plural form of doofus).  Nice call DC, Marvel and whoever else at the production company who had zero passion for the product and simply wants a larger demographic audience versus a good film.  The only reason any of these movies were successful was their believablity and rawness.  These two frat boys are way too clean cut and downright goofy for me to take them seriously.  How bout the rest of you true believers?
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love the inhumans, but go original story line as kree experiments as war machines versus the humans, but encounter FF or Avengers and switch sides...maybe Avengers two storyline in the making...

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Yeah, Black Bolt doing Dylan accoustic on the harmonica versus the Hulk.  Great stuff