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@NYStreets09e said:
" I hope she gets her Kick ass Healing powers  "
that would be amazing! :)
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I'm a Chloe fan since the first episode of Smallville and it's great to see her in the Comics. The DCU Chloe is different to the Smallville Chloe but I still like her. Yeah now the story of Jimmy has changed a little bit but why not? There are always new characters in the comics - brothers who never mentioned before, girlfriends or something like that.  Jimmy is my favorite character in the DC Comics and in Smallville and I really like the storylike in the series (except his death :p) and in the comics.
I don't understand why there is always the same question. I guess Chloe will be a great DCU character. Harley Quinn started as a televison-character, too. Now, she has a strong fanbase and it takes seven years till her introduction into the DCU. 
And sorry for my english but it isn't my native language.

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Why not? Sorry but I don't understand your question :/ ... Every earth in the DCU has differences to another earth.

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In the Action Comics #865 Jimmy said he's 22 years old.

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@Proverb said:
" I'd prefer a Jimmy Olsen ongoing. "
Thanks! Me too! :)
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I would love a new Jimmy Olsen series. DC introduced Chloe into his life and Jimmy got a feat. story in the Action-Comics - I guess it would be a great lead-in for a new Jimmy Olsen Series.
But yes - Lois need to get her new own series, too!

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@NightFang said:
" @daredevil21134 said:
" Keep him an anti-hero "
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i'm a little bit pissed. I really, really waited a long time for this series but I've read that Kid Flash and Robin are Wally and Dick and not Bart and Tim. I still wanted this series but ... there is Conner ... why can't Bart and Tim there, too? Dick is much older than Roy and in this series, Roy looks much older than Robin.

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Kid Devil and Tommy Jagger :)

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Hey folks,
at first: I'm sorry for my bad english but I'm from germany and english isn't my  native language. But now ... here's my question.
I'm a big fan of Checkmate and I'm happy that the organisation appeard again in the Justice League: Generation Lost Comics. But where are all the members? Ok ... Michael Holt and Sasha Bordeaux quite working for Checkmate,  Valentina Vostokis is dead ... but what's going on with all the others? Josephine Tautin, Jessica Midnight, Tommy Jagger (my favourite Checkmate character). Did you guys think we will see Tommy or all the others again? Will be there a Checkmate comic book series again? What do you think about it?