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Odin force Thor is formidable opponent, but Majestic is more than tough enough to beat him.

" When he met and became one of the Universals, Majestic inherited his father's position as a guardian of Life itself. As a result, his powers were raised to even higher levels. When he returned to Earth after other adventures he said that he'd gotten over being a Universal. He no longer carried the title, but he didn't lose his powers. Mr. Majestic also has the ability to alter reality, but has only done so twice. The first time was in order to trick a universe devouring entity and the second was when all of creation was coming to an end and he and the three other beings at the end of time wanted to create a new universe." - Comic Vine's Majestic page -

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Clash of the titans! Both are one of my favourite characters. Majestic wins.

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This is difficult. So many great characters.

DC: Captain Atom, Alan Scott, Captain Marvel, Doomsday, Mr. Majestic (I hope he counts as DC), Power Girl, Beatriz da Costa (Fire).

Marvel: Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Iceman, Archangel, Gladiator, Colossus, Juggernaut, Ms. Marvel, Emma Frost.

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700- Yoda 
500- Mace Wiindu
300- Double-Bladed Lightsaber / Saberstaff / Lightsaber Lance / Lightstaff
-Strike him and Vader down and end the Empire or Rule it

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Mr. Majestic and Eradicator win this. 
Despero is pretty impressive character with great arsenal of superpowers. He is physically stronger then Superman and Captain Marvel. But people seems to forget that Majestic is former Universal. He relinquished the title, but kept his powers.
So all that telekinesis and reality warping goes out the window.

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@Vance Astro: True, Iron Man has been fighting characters stronger than Colossus. But on most occasions he was flying around, shooting his Repulsor rays, Unibeam and using full extent of suits abilities. Don't get me wrong, I like Iron-Man as a character, bit this is supposed to be hand-to-hand fight, without using previously mentioned gadgets and abilities. Sure he was trained in unarmed combat by Captain America but i don't think H2H fights are his forte. 
Ok, Colossus has never beaten the Hulk but that would not stop him from battling him again. He is a fighter. Also Colossus received training from Wolverine and Cyclops in fighting and from Nightcrawler in acrobatics. I don't see Colossus as skill-less, brainless piece of metal. It won't be smooth sailing for Iron-Man.
These are just my opinions, nothing else. You have yours and I respect that.
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@Vance Astro: I respectfully disagree. Iron-Man may be faster, but he is not Quicksilver-like super-fast. Doubt his armor is built for super-speed running and he doesn't have enhanced reflexes. Tony is a mere human, inside the suit, and doesn't have speedster physiology. Besides, Stark is the scientist and the playboy, not the brawler. Colossus fought powerhouses like Hulk and Juggernaut, so he is skilled enough to fight Iron-Man. In this fight victory can go either way. 
So i chose a draw.
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Majestic wins.
  - Creation Blades (can cut through anything)
  - Master warrior, especially in the use of bladed weapons
  - He is slightly more powerful than Superman
  - Former Universal ( but he didn't lose Universals powers )

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I think this fight ends in a tie.
With Iron-Man grounded and without offensive weapons, it is just another fist-fight between two heavy armored opponents. Tony has greater strength and speed, but Piotr is a better fighter and has more experience in these types of fights.
Of course Iron-Man, with his full arsenal ON, could demolish Colossus. Then again Colossus, with powers of the Juggernaut, could do the same to Iron-Man.
It's fair to say: DRAW ! ! !

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My opinion: 
   When someone is possessed, somebody else is in control of his/her body and powers. Right?
   For example: when somebody gets shoot by another person, shooter is to be blamed, rather than gun.
   Forgive but don't forget and prepare for the next time it happens !!!!!!