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well ive read alot of the arkham city comics with catwoman and Batman seem's highly attracted to Selina and care's for her alot with the way he saves her. plus he even suggests to Selina about having a romance in one of them. Arkham city seems to be set before the deep development of their relationship(such as Hush when batman revealed his itentity to selina).also in the interview tapes of Catwoman with strange it say's that she's hurt by the fact that he doesnt fully trust her(yet) or that he knows who she is but not vice versa(yet). if the next game isnt a prequel(from a rumour i heard) then we might see more development of their romance in it.

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as far as im concerned, the real Catwoman isnt in the dc comics anymore. i didnt 100% like what judd was doing but he understands the character WAY more than nocenti does. he showed her some one who was reckless cuz its early in her carer but who is a good person. she wanted to help save those victims from doll house when the police were not doing anything, THATS more like her character. until they get rid of this origin and do something similar to brubaker then she isnt the real Selina we all know and love. as for her relationship with Batman, i was really mad and dissapointed that everything they had developed pre-flashpoint isnt in the new continuity, but i guess it gives wrighters a chance to wright more stories for their realationship develping for the new readers who havent seen their early stages.

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those that say catwoman just uses batman for sex clearley get that fact from the new 52. pre-flashpoint,(and other universes) their relationship was really close and romantic and if you thought other wise then havent read the right comics. they have fun flirting and sex refernces but they have also shown very strong love for eachother. at least pre-flashpoint they did. what dc have done in the new 52 is disgraceful, really hoping their realationship will go back to being properley romantic.

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i agree. nobody seem's to like this origin and YET they still do it. hopefully they'll change it like last time they tried to give her this origin.

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i think the main reason it was so quickly abondoned was because people wanted selina to be catwoman, not a mother. i liked the story but i do prefer her as catwoman. as for the father, it was strongly hinted that bruce was helena's father(i'd like to think that he was) but it was never really proven and plus bruce went along with selina's story of her fling with slam. i think if say the reboot had not happened, dc may have done a story on her returning grown up to find out about her heritage and revealing that bruce was the true father. but i guess we probaly wont see that happen :(.

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thats a pretty tough decision. i think all the bat family have awsome costumes and looks. i like the batman inc suit and and i like catwomans outfit( my favourite is properley how it was drawn in hush by jim lee). i honestley cant pick a favourite.

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@Onemoreposter: talia herself has said that the only 2 women that he has truly loved was herself and catwoman

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She does love him(and vice versa) but she is very independent and very protective of her independence. both batman and catwoman have had similar past's filled with pain and loss so it creats a very speacial bond and understanding between them. she is one of the very few people that will say "no" to bruce if she doesnt want to do something he wants her to do which kinda of makes her alot more like him, both chracters dont take crap from anybody. their relationship can be strained because they're usally on oppsite side of the law but they still show at the right moment that they love eachother

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i though she played her really well. alot better than i thought she would do. the only thing i was disapointed was her scenes where short and her romance and relationship with bruce was kinda rushed. but apart from that i really enjoyed it, she's really done the character justice from that last catwoman film

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@cameron83 said:

seline,they have actually feelings for each other,batman cares for her and he the same.

you don't see him arrest her,she doesn't steal from him (she can't),but....just look at their relation in arkham city,that is how it is.they look out and care for each other,they love each other...that is that.

talia and batman do love each other and care for each other,but she somewhat will want to push batman do to something he doesn't want (kill),well just look at their relations in arkham city and you will see how they are,arkham city captures it perfect.

diana and bruec are too different,she would want to cut off someones head.

this sum's alot of it up. i dont like the fact that talia tries to convince him to kill when she knows how against it he is. while Catwoman actually respects him for not kiling and also doesn't kill people despite being a ciminal which makes her even more similar to batman. i like in the arkham comics how it shows how protective and caring batman is of selina. really shoes that he love's and care's for her but i wish the game had done more to show that as well. i dont mind diana but i dont think dc will ever do much more with it

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