My Favorite Marvel Comics Characters

Here is my list of my favorite characters in Marvel Comics. The first four characters are really my top 4. Perhaps, my top 4 will change in the future but Storm will always be #1. : )

The #5 and up are not really arranged in order.

I may only have a short list but it will get bigger and bigger as time will pass.

I'm pretty much a very enthusiastic X-Men fan which would explain why I have a lot of X-Men characters on my list.

List items

Posted by Jya666

Hollow and Squirrel Girl...... Cool list

Posted by jhazzroucher

@Jya666 said:

Hollow and Squirrel Girl...... Cool list

Thanks a lot! : )

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Good lists.

Posted by Lucas996

Storm in first ? ?? ? ?

I love it !!! So much !!

she's powerfull and perfect !

Posted by MoonStorm

Love it! Especially ur Number 1 choice :) :) hehe